Ford Endeavour
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Strong Areas

  • Stylish Demeanour
  • High Safety Equipment 
  • Powerful Performance
  • Superior Dynamics

Weak Areas

  • Lack premium feel 
  • Average boot
  • Cramped third row
  • Low mileage
Ford Endeavour

Ford Endeavour 4WD AT Review, Endeavour Customer Reivew - Ecardlr

This Ford Endeavour 4*4 Automatic Review is part 1 of a two part servies of this real SUV from Ford. Whilst, Toyota Fortuner was a worthy competitor, however, the owner bought the Endeavour because it had more kit, more stable to drive, surprisingly cheaper service and spare cost and a better 4*4 experience, even though Fortuner has better resale value and was less thirsty when it comes to mileage.



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I'm Subhashish Sarkar and this is my Ford Endeavour 3.2 litre automatic titanium. I've had this car for three years now we have driven 43,000 odd kilometers till date. I've been consistently and fairly happy with this car in the last few years. It's not giving me any reason for complaints. It's a solid vehicle, steady on the roads.

Expectedly thirsty for 3.2 litre, five-cylinder engine, but that apart. There are no problems whatsoever. It's got a very solid undercarriage, rock-solid stability. It never does give me more than nine kilometres per liter in the city. And I'm talking about the Noida Gurugram driving which has a fair bit of traffic. Long stops at traffic signals brings down the mileage to as low as 6 kmpl. On highway it climbs to 11 or 11.5 kmpl mileage if you hold a steady throttle, if you're not revving the engine too much, it can even show you up to 12 and a half on occasions. But I can expect anywhere between nine and a half and 11 kmpl mileage at best.

    Ford Endeaver Customer Review

It's got a 10,000 kilometer service schedule. So far, having covered 40,000 kilometres, I paid for 4 services. There are gaps inconsistency and service quality. I've had to escalate service matters where the dealers would not do it to my satisfaction. I've had a very good experience with Harpreet Ford but my experience with Gautam Buddha Ford at Noida has not been so good. I would have been far more relieved if their service standards were a little close to what I expect. Having said all that in the last three years that I've had my Ford Endeavour serviced not much of problem overall.

I had a peculiar experience, when I tried using the standard toolkit to remove puncture tyre the spanners did not work, they would slip and I got a weird explanation from Ford Service people, it seems the lugs expand on high mileage running. I've never heard of this with lugs expanding over time and standard tool kit not working. Fortunately, Ford changed all the lugs and all the nuts on all the wheels. Fortunately, they've been covered under warranty, but I always check what would I have to pay if I had to pay for them. Like a set of 24 lugs would have cost me 7 to 7500, that would have been too much,

    Endeavour Antena

My first service was Rs.6,000 or less. Since then, I've never actually never had to pay more than 10 or 12 K for any of my services so far and that includes consumables. Service costs are not bad. I always research my vehicles before I buy them. Transitioning up from my Yeti, I wanted to get back to a body on frames vehicles because the nature of my holidays, which is usually a fair bit of rough roads plus had to carry my three dogs. So, I needed a slightly more spacious car. I test drove the Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner back-to-back. Fortuner lost out on my wallet because of way the dashboard looked. While the Toyota Fortuner did impress me with its acceleration but I felt its drive was lumpier. Toyota Fortuner has a stiffer suspension. It rides harder than the Ford Endeavour. Given a situation where you're driving over road ramblers Fortuner was a little skiddiest at certain speed. Endeavour ride was much smoother and it had more features than the Fortuner. Endeavour is a permanent four by four, that's one difference between Endeavour and Fortuner which is a part-time four-way four, which means you have to actually switch it from 4*2 to 4*4.

      Endeavour Alloy Wheel

Endeavour comes with snow, mud, grass, rain mode and desert drive modes. It's five-cylinder, a 3.2-litre engine which to begin with an odd configuration delivering 88bhp to be exact. It's not the best shifter. I mean, after a while I get used to it too. You kind of adjust your driving to it. Ford claims that Endeavour gearbox is a self-learning gearbox. I don't know what that means. Apparently, it senses your shift pattern and your driving patterns and eventually learns to shift gears according to your driving style. I don't know if that's happened. I frankly have not registered it, but I've always felt that a little bit of a lag in the shift, which means if you really want to get away fast from a starting point that it actually lags and the engine creates a whole lot of noise, but once it picks up, once it's shifted beyond the second. The movement is very fast and the shifts are cleaner, no noise whatsoever. So, I would say that in-gear acceleration would be very good for a car of this size. I mean, if you're moving in the range of your low forties, thirties and you really want to pick up a sprint, the car will surprise you with how much speed it can pick up in no time. I have got the TCM updated and it started shifting a little better. It's not that it's getting any lack of power. I mean, you feel the RPM goes up a lot in the first gear and it's not shifting quickly enough into the second. Maybe it's good for not quick getaways, but smooth getaways with. Accelerate it gently and the Endeavour feels much smoother, but if I floor the pedal from zero, it'll make a lot of noise before it hit second and beyond. How would you rate Driving pleasure of this car? oh 5/5. Driving pleasure is not a problem. I haven't had to make a stop. I'm in the Hills. Like I said, the only problem I have is around the bends as the size of A-pillar and the mirror section, but barring that. Uh, no complaints at all.

     Endeavour Grille

Endeavour has 7 airbags I have a lot of active and passive safety decks. The instruction control, there's ABS, there's EBD flickering brick distribution, which means basically when you. Breaking in an emergency, they'll distribute the brake pressure on the tyres, depending on what kind of surface it's going on, or if it's getting over the rotating rig from really, really high speeds, but breaking down a problem. Is it sharp? No, but Adequate, yes. But if you're going at city speeds like this, you hit the brake like on stopping as quickly as you desire. You might be wanting a little more safety. I see. If a car a second right.

   Endeavour Headlamps

This Endeavour is a three-year-old car. You hardly get a squeak, you're in the car, yet you don’t hear no squeaks, no rattles. And I've been in a couple of bumps but nothing comes from suspension. It's really built well. I'll just give you one other example of basic stuff. Like when my Ford Endeavour was brand new barely two months old, like I was at an intersection and the car came and T-boned me from the right. I mean, he just hit me and he was pulling out of from the service lane. He was at least at 40 when he hit me and all that happened to my Ford Endeavour was damaged front right fender, right wheel and its alloy, however, the car was totalled it’s fortunate he survived.

Getting in. This car is not much of a problem for me, but at the same time, having said that, it is a very high car and I have noticed older people struggling. Slightly shorter people also find it a bit of a challenge gaining entrance into the car. My in-laws definitely struggling getting into the backseat, and very often they have to be helped up in spite of solid grab rails on either side. The footboard helps, but Ford Endeavour is not an older person friendly vehicle as far as Ingress and egress is concerned. There's a fair amount of distance between the seat and the road surface. For me, it's, 5/5 for ingress and egress as I am tall.

Driver seat comes with 8-Way electric adjustment, that’s not so for front passenger seat. Seat adjustment is pretty gradual. I would prefer a little more seat below my thighs, the seats needed to be a little larger for a person my size. My seat comfort rating would be a four or maybe three and a half.

     Endeavour Interior

Lumbar support is good. Lumbar support is basically the support for your lower back, and that's very important. Lever here, pushes it all the way down. There's a section in the seat which oppresses against you. Side bolstering is pretty wide holding me in place. Even when I'm taking a sharp curve. Seat cushioning is very good, not too soft, not too firm and just right. A-Pillar along with large ORVMs delivers a fairly big section which you lose sight of or when you're cornering, when you're going around the bend. Same on the front passenger side seat also. The bonnet does not slope as much it's far straighter than the Toyota Fortuner, you see a lot of hood, not a lot of roads that can get scary if you don't have an idea of the corners of the car.

      Endeavour Sunroof

The headroom is really compromised if you're tall person, and that's because of the sunroof. Rear Legroom is fabulous. If I am driving and my twin is sitting in the back then rear legroom could be a issues Rear thigh support again needs some improvement. In all honesty, me with two more of me in rear seat would be uncomfortable on long drives definitely.

When I saw the car, one of the things that sold me on the car was I asked them to lay the 2nd and 3rd row and they fold really flat and my acid test was if I lying down with my head was touching the front seat. Do I fit in or do they get amputated when the rear hatch is closed, fortunately they didn’t? I fit perfectly in and I could live comfortably. And then I have a sunroof and I was starting to imagine, no, me camping in a starlit night. So that was perfect. That sold me on the overall comfort of the car from inside. Very comfortable, I can swear by that and would rate is a perfect 5.

      Endeavour Park Assist

The new design is a little tame for me, but that's the objective it seems for Ford. That's about it. It's, it's a pretty straightforward design. I love the design of these alloys compared to the newer 2019 models. Newer ones. I like how the roof rails are recessed and not sticking out. If you see it on profile. I like the lines. I like how it extends beyond the windscreen. They're in screen and it's got a certain amount of continuity on it. I like the little blacked out C pillar, but if you go to the rear, Ford could have done better. Whenever you see a Fortuner from the back, even with those crazy slutty lamps, the fortunate looks more purposeful. The Ford always looked a little like hunched up. It's a little tight. ON rear I will rate it as 4.5. I mean, I love it for the looks. Second is what I like an SUV, straight lines very Butch.

Buttons are too small. Cars need to be designed with more user-friendly, large buttons. The only thing I remember the three buttons, auto, AC and AC on. I'm not a fan of this section also is a little bland. This whole grey thing, it could have easily more relief, chunkier buttons, that's would have made the displays fabulous for me. In terms of touch, quality and clarity. Layout board is very big,

    Endeavour Airbags

The RPM meter is there. There's a lot of information you can scroll through from here, including in kilometres and power distribution. Steering design is fantastic, it's good chunky. There are too many buttons on the steering, I think 26 of them but then over time once you kind of get used to them, they are pretty intuitive. It's not that bad.

I would have preferred an all-black interior and not dual tone that’ it currently is, my rating for interior would be a four out of 5 The dual Zone AC offers independent AC control for front-seat passengers, one can control rear AC temperature from the front panel too. The AC works very effectively for a car of this volume even during summers go Delhi.

I would recommend the Ford Endeavour for people with lots of friends, driving off-road most f the time and families who believe in travelling together as the car is pretty spacious. Don’t buy the Ford Endeavour if you are going to use it mostly in the cities as finding parking slots will be really difficult for its size, plus it’s an expensive beast. My Value for money rating of this SUV would be just 3.5 out of 5.


  • Spacious
  • Steady on the road
  •  Build Strong
  • Build Safe
  • Feature Loaded
  • Low Service Cost


  •  Service experience can be improved
  •  Low Mileage 
  • Laggy gear shifts in lower rpm

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