Ford Aspire
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Customer Rating
: 4/5
Expert Rating
: 8/10
: 5 Year/1 Lakh Kms Warranty, Which Includes a 2-year Factory Warranty and 3-year Extended Warranty (Whichever is earlier)
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5.99 Lakhs-8.62 Lakhs

Strong Areas

  • Excellent safety
  • Balanced proportions
  • Good performance
  • Torquey diesel engine

Weak Areas

  • Small dealership support
  • No diesel automatic 
  • Quality issues
  • Chubby boot
Ford Aspire

Ford Aspire Customer Review

Always one to prefer a diesel car, for Dr. Anita, the Ford Aspire fits the bill of the perfect car for a woman diver given its soft clutch and smooth gear shifting. The car feels more secure  to her compared to  Flimsy Maruti. With 25 years worth of driving experience, she friends herself comfortable at the wheels of this automatic car, despite the absence of parking sensors.



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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Car Owned - Ford Aspire

Kilometres Driven - 10255 km

Mileage  Highway - 15-16 kmpl


Happy to the core with the Ford service, Dr. Anita sings praises to the service this Car gets to entail at the local service center. The free pick and drop service at any short notice is in sharp contrast to her previous Fiat service for which she had to drive a long way just to get to the nearest centre.

Dr. Anita Srivastava Ford Aspire Review

Service Price

First 3 services are free.

One service done till now at the 5000mark.

Buying Process

The parameters the doctor keeps in mind when buying a car- which happens a lot, this being her 6th car- are the budget, considerable boot space, and safety with a sturdy build quality.

A big car with a great big boot space is a saviour for the present day working woman like Anita, to be able to juggle both household chores and carry through with her duties as a Senior Ob/Gyn consultant.

Other Cars Considered

1. Maruti Ciaz

2. Maruti Swift Dzire

The Ciaz did won her over but on one hand , it was beyond her budget and on the other hand there was a waiting period for not only the Ciaz but also the Dzire that extended up to 3months and Dr. Anita had no time to spare.

Her Fiat Linea's engine had got jammed and she needed a car at the earliest. Hence, though she considered going above budget for the Ciaz - which she came to love- she decided not to and went with the Aspire instead.


Comfort                         5/5

(Seating Comfort/Getting

In and out/Lumbar Support/




Comfortable to the core is what the doctor believes her Aspire delivers up to.

Enough leg space in the back for the rear passengers to ease into is in addition to the brilliant feature of driver seat adjustment which many cars lack.

The backrest and lumbar support is impeccable too - is what she has to say.

All in all- she finds the comfort level in her Ford to be an absolute perfect score.

Design Of the Car               4/5

Although pretty comfortable, the space inside the Aspire leaves a lot to be desired in terms of space. Especially when compared to the big cabin of her previous Linea.

The look of the car inspires confidence in him as pretty many people compliment on the same.

The huge windshield is what she finds absolutely delightful - her view being impeccable.

Build Quality                   4/5

(Sheet metal/Structure/Bonnet)

For a blunt and straight shooting person like the doctor, there is no hesitation to dismiss the Build Quality of the likes of Maruti as a flimsy  'Patra'.

The Aspire - though not as dismal as the Maruti- fails to match up to her previous car, the Fiat Linea when it comes to the feeling of a heavy door and structure and sense of safety is concerned.

Her Aspire is pretty resistant to bumps, only acquiring slight scratches at the most post any encounter with heavy objects.

Unlike a Maruti or TATA make, like a Indica or indigo or even the Aveo , the Aspire is not one to dent in at the slightest excuse. But it is also not as strong and confidence building as her previous ride - the Fiat Linea.

Value For Money                 4-5/5

The Aspire provides her with all her needs. She knows what she bought into, hence the missing features don't create a pang of regret. She prefers this Manual ride over any automatic. It provides her with a smooth, stress free ride over her daily highway drive to work, managing to stand its ground amidst the likes of heavy trucks passing by.



Unlike the Air Conditioning system in the Fiat Linea and the TATA Indigo which would require frequent servicing thanks to their disposition to turn out t be faulty, the Aspire AC is not something she has any complaints of.


The Aspire is not one to veer off from its course at times of need.

The Fiat Linea steering in spite of being a Power steering was becoming harder by the day and more and more hard to control and execute. The Aspire has provided her a respite from that. She gets to manouvre and make turns with utmost ease and the steering feels light throughout the day.


The jerks are hardly ever transferred to inside the cabin and she finds the gear changing smooth and soft to a credible degree.

Ford Aspire Versus Maruti Swift Dzire

Not one to mince her words just to back up her end decision to buy the Ford Aspire, Dr. Anita reminds us as to how a potential buyer is bound to suffer when it comes to re-sale value, if they ever choose to go with the Ford Aspire.

Not one to flow the crowd, her cars have all been the "Off-Beat" cars in the market- as she likes to put it- which have given her complete satisfaction with their performance; but they do not necessarily yield a great re-sale value when the time to upgrade comes.

Swift is more spacious, would get one a great re-sale deal and is a great buy to put it simply.

The Aspire on the other hand lacks a rear camera and senor but has the advantage of being a Manual - this is an advantage (specially a sought after parameter) given how she has 25 years worth of driving experience behind her.

And added positive for her is the Height seat adjustment which coupled with a decent leg space makes it a comfortable ride for her husband too who happens to be on the taller side.


  • Excellent safety


  • Quality issues

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