Audi Q3
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Strong Areas

  • Snob value
  • Good fuel- efficiency 
  • Affordable luxury SUV
  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • Great ride and handling characteristics 

Weak Areas

  • Cabin space at a premium
  • Surprisingly absent all wheel drive
  • Low equipment levels for its price tag
  • Compromised peak power, performance
  • Transmission response not upto Audi standard


Audi Q3

Audi Q3 Quattro Owner Review

For Jatin, the Audi Q3 with its luxury cabin, raised ride height and responsive steering was the perfect entry into the premium subcompact SUV segment. Its lack of infotainment system is more than made up by its powerful engine, great suspension and smooth turns round the corners.




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Overall Rating
Value For Money

Car Owned - Audi Q3 Quattro Diesel

Jatin Car Owner Review

Ownership Since- 1.5 years

Kilometres Driven - 6000Km.


CITY : 9-10 Km/L 

HIGHWAY : 11-12 Km/L

  Audi Q3 Customer Owner Review

The Audi Q3 fuel mileage does not bother me as one full tank lasts me for 15 days. That means just 2 trips to the fuel station every month.

Number Of Services Done Till Date

Just one, even though I have just logged in 6000 km I had to get the service done because the car had completed one year on the tarmac. Surprisingly, internationally if we are to see, Audi Q3 service is scheduled every 2 year or 20000 Km.

Service cost

About 26-27000 Rupees. I had expected it to be around 16-18000 per service, therefore I feel the service cost to be on the higher side.

One can conveniently forego some expendable service features like the wax polish of the Sun Roof (thanks to grade A quality glass) and judging by the limited off-roading one does with a car like Q3, one does not need to incur this cost, thus cutting the service bill by around Rs.6000.

Instead of oil change after every 15000 kms one can do that around 20000 Km as suggested in Audi service book. This has been my learning from other Audi Q3 owners.


COMFORT                                          4.5/5

DRIVING                                            4.5/5

The Q3 with its super responsive engine provides an excellent drive quality and is the perfect kind of premium entry SUV to buy if one is planning to be at the wheels. 

SEATING                                              4/5

How I wish that Audi Q3 came with bucket seats. Bucket seats are far more comfortable and feel like recliner seats, they make you feel as if you are driving a Mercedes S Class.

If only the Audi Q3 was a few inches wider and roomier just like the X5 or Q5 and I'd had gladly rated it 5 on 5. This extra space would have made the Audi Q3 comparable to BMW X5 or Audi Q5. Having said that I still have no major qualms with my Q3 seating comfort.

GETTING IN AND OUT                          4/5

DRIVABILITY                                      4.5/5

On the basis of my nearly 18 months of driving the Q3, I think the SUV delivers bang-on driving pleasure.

The Road presence is phenomenal, manouvre control is superb. I have noticed that it is easy to overtake a Q5 or any other car of a higher horsepower because of the drive control and contour. Managing a swivel on the road is darn easy with the Audi Q3. None of the body roll that is so frequent a concern with other cars is anywhere visible in my car. It stays planted on the road and with amazing steering control at that.

It's but nearly a perfect drive what with the Quattro engine being something to reckon with.

My Consideration Set

I wanted to buy a SUV thanks to Indian road conditions. My new wheels had to be easy to navigate in city traffic while being equally thrilling to drive on open stretches of the highway. Pre-purchase I evaluated:


Hyundai Tucson

Had it not been for Hyundai Tucson’s impossibly expensive price tag I wouldn’t have considered other entry level premium SUVs. Must thank Tucson for that, however, - their indifferent or should I say
‘ Take or Leave it’ kind of sales attitude, close similarity with Creta and long waiting period made me explore other options. Hyundai sales engagement was almost dismissive of my purchase. Selling process left lot to be desired.

Mercedes GLS

Well-built, plush Mercedes GLA with smooth powerful engine nearly had my vote, what went against it was its small non-SUV like foot print. Mercedes has the best engine but Mercedes GLA doesn't seem like an SUV once you are in the car. It's more of a fun to have second vehicle kind of a car. Mercedes Benz GLC excited me, but unfortunately was way to off from my pocket depth.


BMW has a better acceleration no doubt. The car was crampy, with costly tyres. Getting in and out was pretty cumbersome and steering was touching my knees. The BMW X1 does have bell & whistles like the heads up display, but to me they were just jazzy features.


Initially I was not convinced about Audi Q3, but post experiencing Mercedes GLA and BMW X1, when I reexamined the Q3, I found it to be the best value for money purchase, barring the Land Rover.

The Q3 felt like an SUV, had a better road presence, the build quality was superb and big ground convinced me to opt for the Q3 over the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA.


Driving Pleasure

I can't comment much as to how the Quattro would compare to the other Automatics, say a Maruti, but I'd put my bet on my car, no doubt. For a more powerful thrust, one needs to put their feet off the accelerator upon reaching 2000RPM.

Beyond 100 Km, on has to be very careful about the speed as the diesel starts to really talk, the torque sets in and the car becomes faster.

I had driven a CRV prior to this, for a couple of months. Then I had to take it out once for servicing. But once one drives a Q3 or a Mercedes and then tries to drive back a Fortuner or a CRV- it is then when you realise the difference in driving those two comparable SUVs.

The moment one starts the engine - the vibration felt near the gear box or at the steering wheel, the engine thrust- all these encompasses the experience of driving these cars. It's very sublime, one gets attuned to it but the moment one goes back is when one realizes what they are missing.


There's no issue with the braking. It is excellent , keeping with the premium standards it is supposed to maintain.

The car can also be switched on upon pressing the brake pedal.

Braking is excellent but on Indian roads, one can't be enough careful as the lag that comes up till 100 disappears beyond it the just surges ahead at a furious speed.


What bothers me about the acceleration is the pick up and thrust up to the first 40-60 Kilometers.
That stands true especially on a long drive or a highway.

But it does not continue for long as the car is really swift beyond 80 Km/hour. This problem I realised only after about 8 months when it started troubling me.

This affects the Beamer too and the Audi service guys would actually admit to the fact that the pick up is not up to the mark.

The Mercedes does a pick up of 0-100 km/hour , never of 0-50 km/hour and in addition it has the best engine possible.


The steering, which I believe is the best in class offers a good grip and the feel is great after the first 40Km. The blame could lie with the diesel engine. It does, though tighten up once higher speeds are approached.

Once one gets used to the steering, one would realise that it is better than any Fortuner or CRV or other Indian SUVs.

The steering comes with a lot of controls and the functions are on the reverse side as they would normally be in the Indian Cars. On the right is the NAV button as is the volume button which is excellent. It is neatly placed in relation to the position of the thumb. There is a roller button on this side too for the volume control. The voice control button is also there but it is like a previous generation android and is not as good as an i-phone or a new generation android. I consider the steering to be better at being responsive in the Q3 as opposed to a Beamer.


Parking, as also reversing is as easy as it could be, to the point that I can park the car with my eyes closed and at one shot, all thanks to the excellently placed rear view mirrors and the pillars that never seem to block the view unlike a Honda.

Unless one has the automatic parking mode on, the car generally picks up in the manouvrebility pretty easily.

Design And Interiors

There are memory settings to the seats so as to stay in the preferred settings always in terms of back rest, height etc. It also has the Contour Check which provides lumbar support after a long day. The leather quality is exceptional and the seats look impeccable and feel plush even after one year of use.

What I like best is the minimalistic feature as I think it takes the focus to the driving pleasure rather than the gadgetry. Features are pretty less in the Q3 just like in the Mercedes, I've noticed.

Barring the BMW, all German Cars are pretty minimalistic and for this reason I prefer the Audi and the Mercedes line of cars.

At the face of it they have a lot under the bonnet and the engine but the console and the dashboard is pretty minimalistic.

Cargo Area

For me , the storage space is decent at the most – with space for a maximum of two suitcases.
A whole lot of pockets of storage space are found in abound around the boot. A concealed storage space with a first aid tool kit to its right, with the tyres to be kept beneath the luggage space altogether gives the illusion of a compact storage space with lots of noks and corners to make avail of.


Cabin Noise

The flaw of having the cabin noise as an element of disruption beyond the level of insulation is common to all European cars and eventually one learns to live with it as does one with slightest of vibration inherent to the steering wheel.

Barring the first few Km it ceases to feel like a diesel engine when it comes to packing in speed and power.

Extra Engine Care

Unlike a Honda or a Fortuner, an Audi is jampacked with the most sensitive of extensive electric circuitry which goes haywire once water enters the system. The advise thus, is to leave the car be in waterlogged situations. It's precisely how a Beamer is treated - in high rainfall areas- it is just left alone till an Audi mechanic makes his way. To try and keep restarting the car would be the gravest of mistakes as the engine sucks in the water, completely shuts down and one is left with a  2- 2.5 Lakh bill. One thus needs to have these cars insured.

Power Lag

A big bother has been the sub-par pick up atleast till 40-60 Km, especiallly on a long drive or highway.

The Guy at the Audi center was pretty blatant as regards to how inefficient the pick – up is if we were to compare it with other cars, but it is only after 8mmonths when I realised the truth of his claim.

The drive is simply seamless after those initial 40 Km.


1.Best Entry Level Car in the premium segment.
2.Decent car in terms of dimensions and size; compared to X1 OR GLE.
3.Power is excellent.


1.Thrust and cabin space.
2.Mahindra or Toyota better for off-roading as the Himalayan trips would be scarce on Audi Servicing.
3.Service cost is steep.
4.Extra care to not let engine be turned on while waterlogged which affects the advanced circuitry.

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