Natural Gas: Safe.Clean. Practical

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Natural Gas: Safe.Clean. Practical Rating  :      
Natural Gas: Safe. Clean. Practical.

Pollution today has become a curse on society, leading to increased environmental activism. , Alternative fuels therefore are gaining importance world over. Hybrids, plug-in hybrids & electric vehicles has seen unprecedented growth rate especially in the recent years. However, in India the tilt seems to be in favour of natural gas, which has seen growing popularity among Indian new car buyers in the backdrop of rising fuel prices. Impracticality, high entry cost and lack of power supply with near zero fueling stations for electric powered cars has been a deterrent for EV’s and Hybrids in India. GO GREEN in India remains largely in the realms of  natural gas powered cars/vehicles.  

Promising Future

Energy crisis is a reality. All time high Gasoline demand with shrinking supplies is driving prices northwards and that too rapidly. Fueled further, by near monopolistic stranglehold of few oil producing countries making alternative energy sources the new darling of the masses. Natural gas, being one of the cleanest sources of energy, has therefore a surge in its demand. According to International Energy Agency (IEA), the demand for the natural gas is expected to rise by 1.5 % per annum and continue up-to 2030. It will project natural gas ahead of the conventional source of energy sooner than later, which is expected to grow at 1.5%/annum even ahead of Nuclear energy which is growing at 1.3%/annum.


ABUNDANCE: As per IEA estimates there are about 182 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, without including potential but undiscovered resources. At current consumption levels this will be good for the next 60-70 years, making it a potential energy source for some more decades.

: Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available in the world today. It emits 22% less carbon dioxide than oil & 40 % less than coal. Moreover the content of carbon monoxide as well as nitrogen oxide is reduced to 60 to 90% by the use of natural gas in small cars while this figure escalates to 90% in terms of reduction in CO & particulate emission when used in light & medium heavy duty vehicles.

: In India where EV’s failed due to infrastructural issues natural gas has emerged as a practical option. Though small cities have yet to see the basic infrastructure, metros are relatively better equipped in terms of fueling facilities of natural gas.

: Higher burning temperature has made natural gas safe & reliable, this along with the fact that it can be dissipated into air without any hazard adds to its safety Natural gas is also having very narrow range of inflammability, which makes it very less likely to catch fire. As natural gas is burnt without leaving the carbon content, it is much reliable fuel option. Maintenance of the vehicle automatically comes down & service period can also be extended.

: Natural gas is one of the most versatile sources of energy. Not only is it used to propel the automobiles but also to heat up the homes, water heaters & in industry. Its currently available as CNG and LPG, both of which helps propel vehicles. While CNG is compressed to 3000 psi pressure, LNG is kept at much low pressure i.e. about 20-150 psi.

: Following chart revels that not only natural gas is safe, clean and reliable it also saves money.
Average (Hatchback category)
Running Cost/km
Saving per 10,000 km with reference to petrol
Calculations are made on the bases of Delhi prices. By taking the total petrol cost as reference, a big saving of around Rs.40, 000 can be achieved, even when this figure doesn’t include the saving on the maintenance front.

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