Land Rover 70th Anniversary : World’s largest Defender Outline

World Land Rover Day announced on 30April 2018 as it marks 70 years since the debut of the land rover; Defender outline made in the French Alps.

• Marking the 70th Anniversary will be a giant 250m wide Defender outline drawn in snow at 2700m in the French Alps

• Tribute to the Wilks brothers’ first sketch of the original Land Rover shape in the sand of Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey,UK

• Land Rover announces World Land Rover Day: 30 April 2018 marks 70 years since its debut at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show

• Celebration broadcast on World Land Rover Day will pay tribute to the original Land Rover, as well as the luxurious Range Rover and versatile Discovery families

• Catch Snow Artist Simon Beck produce the giant snow drawing here

Land Rover decided to take the Defender to new heights after 70 years of all-terrain adventures and global expeditions by this car giant.

                 Land Rover

La Plagne in France witnessed the etching out of the most remote Defender outline o the side of a mountain in the French Alps. This unique snow art, that stretches over 250m, was created to announce World Land Rover Day on 30 April, exactly 70 years since the original Land Rover was first shown to the world at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show.

The company was born when the engineering director of Rover, Maurice Wilks, first sketched the shape for the original Land Rover in the sand of Red Wharf Bay and proposed the idea to his brother Spencer, Rover's managing director and thus was born this engineering spectacle-a tribute to which moment is the sketching Of the snow image. The forward-thinking design was christened the 'Land Rover', the outline of which is now recognised world over as the Defender.

Jaguar Land Rover CEO, Prof Dr Ralf Speth, said: “Land Rover is an iconic brand around the world and the outline of the Defender is instantly recognisable. To reach the landmark of 70 years is truly special and we will mark it with a year of celebrations that represents Land Rover's ‘Above and Beyond’ spirit and honours the people behind the world’s favourite SUVs.”

Land Rover fans are being invited to join in the celebrations in a World Land Rover Day online broadcast. It stars the people who helped create the world’s most-loved 4x4s and Land Rover’s pioneering technologies, from its Series Land Rover and Defender origins, to the introduction of the Range Rover in 1970 and Discovery in 1989.`

A specialist in creating geometric outlines on foot, Snow Artist Simon Beck was roped in for the project, who braved the sub-zero temperatures and heralded in the beginning of the celebrations by creating the Defender outline 2700m up at La Plagne in the French Alps.

Beck walked 20 894 steps and 16.5 km through the French Alps to produce the high-altitude Defender.
“Making my snow art requires endurance, accuracy and strength – all attributes shared with the Defender. Its iconic shape is so simple and recognised across the world; this must be the most recognisable piece of art I’ve ever made.”, said the impeccable artist.

World Land Rover day is on April 30.Land Rover has urged fans to take part in the celebrations by joining in on their You Tube channel and use the hashtag #LandRover70Years


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