Jeep Compass achieved 25,000-unit production mark

Jeep has announced surpassing 25,000-production mark in India as the company looks forward to speed up the momentum further. We get you more details here.

American SUV brand Jeep has announced that it has surpassed the milestone of producing more than 25000 units of compass SUV in India. There is no abetment in the demand for the Jeep compass and going by the trends, this number is going to increase further in the wake of high popularity for this affordable Jeep product in the Indian market.

The company has achieved 65% localization for the compass product in India and this is the very reason why it is able to offer the compass to the Indian market in a very competitive price. Until the July last year the company had sold around 15000 compass units in India and now this figure has zoomed further as the company announced to have produced 25000 units in its local plant in the country which is shared with the Tata Motors at Ranjangaon. 

In terms of looks, Compass is definitely inspired by the Grand Cherokee which gives it an aggressive mixture of Style and substance. Yes, we admit it doesn't have the road presence of the former but it handsomely makes up for it with its affordable pricing. The icing on the cake comes in the form of service interval of 1 year or 15000 km and Jeep has further sweetened the deal by offering 3years/1, 00,000 km warranty. The car is well equipped too and interiors feel premium for its price. The highlight of Jeep compass is the option of powertrains it comes with - 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine and 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine. While the former is capable of putting out 162 PS and 250Nm, latter is good for 173 PS and 350 Nm of max power and max torque respectively. You can have the option of a six-speed manual with both engine choices while is the petrol has also get 7-speed automatic transmission convenience. The 4X4 capability although is available only with the diesel for now. 

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