Fiat Chrysler to Launch Jeep Compass in August 2017

Jeep Compass launch could well be the make-or-break story for India. There's a lot riding on Jeep for Fiat in India, afterall Jeep the iconic brand has been the darling of SUV lovers world over. All Fiat now needs to do is to offer a great product at a great price. Fiat also needs to esnure that once Jeep Compass is launched it's dealer does not get greedy and offers great service to early bueyrs of Compass in India. Else one can very easily see a repeat fo Fiat Palio, which went from 0 to Hero and back to 0 in a Jiffy. We are sure Fiat has learnt its lessons well and will ensure that old mistakes are not repeated again

Jeep Compass to be launched in August 2017.

Jeep – The name inspires awe amongst car geeks and SUV lovers. Jeep can easily honoured with the  tag of being the ‘Father of SUVs, as it was the first car manufacturer who designed and built first proper SUV, the Willy Station Wagon. Jeep SUVs are built solid and rugged and are capable of taking the rough with easy élan.

        Jeep Compass

Expect  Jeep Compass to deliver its traditional DNA benefits like;

Great Ride and Handling

Tough Build

Great Off-Roading capabilities (At least in the top-end variants)

Spacious Cabin

High Ground Clearance

Jeep Compass will be powered by Fiat’s 2.0 Litre Multijet Diesel engine delivering a decent 170 BHP power mated to six speed manual transmission. These series 2 engines have seven injections per power stroke, thus delivering a refined near linear power delivery once its crosses the initial turbo-lag hump around 1800 rpm.

Many might rue the fact the missing bells and whistles like: Sunroof, Auto Headlights and Wipers, Auto Dimming IRVM, diesel automatic and maybe the Not-so-good touch-screen, however for car geeks and SUV lovers it delivers what matters most to them, these are:

4*4 Drive
Select Terrain
Six Airbags

Four Channel ABS (Hydraulic Power is supplied to 4 Wheels Individually)
Panic Brake Assist
Hydraulic Booster Failure Compensation
Electronic Roll Mitigation
Electronic Brake Pre-Fill

Frequency Selective Dampers adjust ride quality automatically for bumps and body roll.
Electric Hand-Brake which only disengages once the driver seat belt is locked

The features listed above though may not be available with all variants of Jeep Compass, but they still inspire lots of confidence from safety point of view and allows its drivers to drive with complete peace of mind.

Frightening market rumours are that Fiat Chrysler might price Jeep Compass starting 14.99 lacs. Pricing though might get driven by volume ambition, which we believe is just 3000 vehicles per month All-India, too small to satiate the needs of Indian car buyers who are enemas’ shifting to SUVs. If pricing rumours do come true, then expect long queues outside Fiat Chrysler Jeep showrooms and an immediate need for the company to expand its network. As we write, we have also heard that the company is aggressively looking to expand its sales and service network.

If Jeep Compass pricing and network falls in place then expect renewed interest in Fiat by car lovers in India.

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