BMW Announced Festive Season Offer To Lure Buyers

BMW has announced festive season in order to capitalize on the ongoing festivity. We get you some exclusive details of these promotional plans.

if you think only budget manufacturers in India are offering various discounts in order to capitalize on the ongoing festivity season, then you need to look once again at the various promotional offers started by even the luxury manufacturers. Case in point is offers for the festive season extended by BMW which is one of the 3 Global luxury car manufacturers in India. Company has come up with host of various promotional schemes and offers that are directed in order to increase the overall sales of its product line up in Indian market. BMW also sees it as an opportunity to for the increase its market crowd as both its compare trade Mercedes and Audi had in the overall sales as far as Indian domestic market is concerned.

The festive offer is available on host of models such as X3,3-Series and 5-Series and will be available through all the dealerships of the company across India. In addition to the festive offers, company is offering customise plan for host of other models which will help to enhance the extra PPT of BMW cars which is one of the prime motivation of any buyer which is looking to buy a luxury Salon or SUV. Speaking on this occasion, head of the company Corporation in India added that companies putting special efforts in order to make The Practice season most special forest prospective buyer. In addition protective finance rate as well as the promotional plan, BMW is also working to improve after Sales Service and maintenance of the vehicle.

Financial assistance offered by the company will allow the prospective buyer to avail the low interest rate of 7.9 per an old BMW car cross the model line up. What makes this more special that this interest rate will be applicable irrespective the amount of amount that customer is seeking financial assistance for. Company is also offering look up to 40% to all the prospective buyers who will book the car in this festive season. In addition to this financial plans, DMD going gets left Behind after Sales Service and maintenance contract and the dictionary offering complementary maintenance package which is valid for 3 years / 40000 km. Company is hoping to gain big on this festive season and expect it seems to rise in order to close in the difference it has with Mercedes and Audi.

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