A force to flaunt, gear up with Hyundai

Impressively famous in the small car category, Hyundai is still the most sought after car for Indian roads

Hyundai is the second largest car manufacturing company in India after Maruti.  After starting its operations in 1996, Hyundai- a South Korean company, launched its first car called Hyundai Santro in the market. Before the advent of Hyundai in 1996, the Indian automotive market saw Indian companies like Maruti, Hindustan, Premier, Tata and Mahindra. While Hindustan and Premier built outdated and unimpressive cars, Maruti dominated the Indian motor-vehicle industry with its small car called Maruti 800 which was a huge success. With the launch of Hyundai Santro, the automotive industry in India got new opportunities and people started switching over to Santro for its different and stylish make. Often touted as a boxy car, Maruti 800 was no competition to the fluid make of Hyundai Santro, making it easy for Santro to raid the automotive market with élan.
Hyundai has since maintained its position in the Indian market as the second largest car manufacturing company in the country. This is because Hyundai prides itself in innovative technology. It was one of the first companies to introduce cars that ran on LPG and CNG, giving the automotive industry a cleaner and greener option for their transportation needs.
Hyundai has been a favorite amongst car lovers all over the country with its decent prices making it a family car for the middle class. Affordability and excellence have always been Hyundai’s strong points which have given rise to the popularity of this company. To keep up with the growth and expansion plans of company, Hyundai currently has a strong dealership network of 388 dealers all across the country with more than a 1000 service stations to cater to the after sale service needs of the customers.
Hyundai is the number one passenger car exporter in the country for the past eight years, exporting to Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South America, Australia and Asia.
Hyundai cars are sought after for their fuel efficiency, easy navigation and great mileage. The current models by Hyundai are listed below for your viewing:-
1. Hyundai Accent: - The Hyundai accent with its captivating looks and great performance is a luxury sedan that comes in a number of variants like, petrol, LPG and CNG.
2. Hyundai fluidic Verna: - This luxurious sedan has a wonderfully fluidic exterior and plush interior giving you comfort and style.
3. Hyundai new i10:- Priced low, this car is the best in its class. Being a small car, it excels in its expectations when it comes to a powerful engine and great mileage.
4. Hyundai i20:- An upgrade of the old Hyundai i10, this car has a number of safety features that add to its performance on road.
5. Hyundai EON: - With safety features like airbags, central locking and keyless entry, this car is efficient and fun to drive.
Hyundai has always been considered for its great mileage, soft, fluid designs and excellent performance making it an excellent choice for Indian roads.

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