7 Seater Mobilio The MPV from Honda

Back -to-back two major launches Amaze and New City and two major success definitely has made Honda India a confident entity, no wonder they are now ready to take up the challenge of category creation through Honda Mobilio.

Honda sure is making all effort to multiple its success story in India post two major success in Amaze and New City. Mobilio their first MPV is planning to play the role of category creator in a market where MPVs haven't found any major success like the compact SUVs. The only MPV worth its salt and still going strong is Toyota Innova, whilst Ertiga thanks to its compact dimensions and great car like driveability coupled with Maruti reach and trust did show some initial success, however, over time Indian car buyers love affair with Ertiga has been waning.

People carrier is a dirty word for Indian car buyers. It's an immediate put-off and sure shot death for its promoter. Will Honda with its might manage this negative perceptions among Indian car buyers, will Indian car buyers see the value of travelling together as families in the Mobilio, its answers to question like these that will to a great extent drive Mobilo's success or failure on the Indian shore. We at ecardlr.com therefore decided to piece its chances of success basis stories floating around in the market

Mobilio - Dimensionally a Winner in the Making.

How much can you stretch the Brio platform, which any case has been stretched to get the Amaze. The answer is that Brio can be stretched to get a Mobilio, which lengthwise is around 776 mm (i.e 78 cm  or 31 inches or 2.6 feet) longer than the Brio. Mobilio from front bumper to rear bumper is 4.4 M long. WOW.

Wheelbase at 2650 mm is 245 mm (24.5 cm or 10 inches or nearly 0.8 feet) longer than the Amaze.  Al this extra wheelbase will only add to cabin space. Speaking of cabin space, Honda seems to have mastered the art of making even smaller cabin's look bigger thanks to thinner and close to windshield mounted dashboards, thinner seats and thinner internal door panels. Eeking space from limited space is Honda's strength.

From the pictures standing still Mobilio looks big. At an expected length of 4400mm Mobilio is 185 mm shorter in length as compared to Innova, however, Mobilio wheelbase of 2600mm will surely make for a tighter cabin and in all probability a more cramped 3rd row.

Standing still even though the Mobilio is built on Brio platform, it's front does look different from Brio (Unlike Amaze which has many similarity with Brio Head-on). Mobilio's chin looks aggressive,  it gets a broader Chrome bar extending the entire grille length with a much more defined headlamp. What is also noticeable is the nose almost sloping downwards as if in a hurry to touch the road. 

Honda Mobilio Front - Ecardlr

Wider and raised rear, large wrap around rear windshield, floating D Pillar (Not extending right up to the shoulder)and large L shaped tail lamps makes the rear look rather nice. The rear also very intelligently hides the overhang, which is a reality thanks to the lengthwise dimension the Mobilio has over the Brio. Honda Mobilio Rear - Ecardlr

From the interior pictures, what hits one first is the Amaze like Aircon knob area (which definitely seems like a letdown). Top-end variant sure will come with Automatic AC, Bluetooth an Navigation System, Double Din Stereo System, leather seats and a two -tone dash with more chrome embellishments.

Mobilo - Power Train

Now that Honda has learnt their lesson and learnt them well, news is that Mobilio will be plonked with the 1.6 Litre Ivtec petrol (On job in the New City) and 1.5 Litre Dtec diesel engines.

The petrol engine will be delivering a peak power of 117 BHP and a torque of 148 NM. Mobilio engine will also come with Torque Boost Resonator in the intake valve which will help the vehicle with low engine speed response. Honda City engine are known to be ready for action always and are quite responsive. The power built is linear and it touches the red line RPM without one noticing it. However, the 5 speed gearbox mated to the Ivtec engine makes one feel as the need for 6th gear as the city. The engine revs upto its rpm limit soon.

One can expect the Mobilio to alsi get Honda's CVT gear box sooner if it's not launched with one.

Inputs on diesel will have to wait till one drives it.

All in all whilst Honda does have its job cut-off, however, expect a huge initial response thanks to the marquee pull. 

As stated earlier Honda sure is expected to announce Mobilio's booking around mid to end July 2014 with deliveries starting August 2014. The only question one needs to ask is as to how they will manage supplies as they are already stretched for the same with New City and Amaze. So will they only add to the already existing waiting que. Is that the Honda strategy?

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