Mahindra and Mahindra E2O
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8.41 Lakhs-8.41 Lakhs

Strong Areas


  • Stylish
  • Zero emission
  • Lowest running cost
  • Control by phone app
  • Automatic transmission


Weak Areas

  • High price
  • Cramped rear sea
  • Small driving range
  • Difficult rear ingress
  • Inside fit-finish a ?mark
Mahindra and Mahindra E2O

Mahindra and Mahindra E2O available in 1 variant


Reva; India`s first electric car was launched by Reva Electric Car Company some years back, unfortunately, it did not find many takers even over a period of time. Reasons for the same could be a higher price tag for a much smaller car, a smaller driving range and near zero infrastructure in terms of charging points. This, no wonder led to an early demise for the car, even though it`s international version, which was called G-Wiz did find many a takers in the markets outside India.
Mahindra with an eye on the future picked up a controlling stake in the company in 2010, a lot is therefore expected from this new joint entity. e2O-  Pronounced as `e two O and not e Twenty` as all Mahindra cars brand name ends in an `O`.
e2O can be termed as a car developed by multiple partners. Engine Technology from Reva, Design from DC NXR concept and some other important inputs from Mahindra, not to forget the financial backing of this mega Indian automobile company.  e2O will enjoy Mahindra`s distribution advantage as the car will be sold from all Mahindra dealerships. It will no doubt be seen in a more positive light thanks to Mahindra association.
e2O is driven by 3-Phase induction motor, that delivers 19Kw or peak power at 3750 Rpm, however, as is the wont with all electric motors torque is literally on tap i.e peak power of 53 Nm is available through its entire rpm range from 0-3400 rpm. This definitely brings along with it a need to change one`s driving style as the car rather than gaining speed gradually can take-off literally from ground if starting throttle inputs are not controlled. The car is powered by Lithium Ion battery which gives it a range of 90-100 Kms per charge. It takes about 5 hours for a complete charge. However, regenerative braking or a quick charging of 25 minutes can help add some additional Kms to the cars range.
e2O comes with 4 step automatic transmission, these are: Forward, Neutral, Reverse and Boost. As is common with most Auto Transmission cars, e2O comes with Hill Hold Assist - means on an incline the car will stay stationary without the use of the brakes and will move forward the moment throttle input is given to the car.
e2O has a length of 3200 mm with height and width of 1400 mm. dimensionally, its quite a decent car. It`s longer than the Tata Motors Nano by 100 mm. e2o has close to 9 computers managing the functioning of the car. The car comes with LCD display screen for important car related information, Sat Nav as a standard fitment, Gas filled shockers facilitates a cushioned ride.
Whilst the car does enjoy decent state level subsidies, however, the price-tag of close to 6 lacs, along with charging and driving range issues, will not make it a very attractive proposition for mass market which at its price has far decent option in the form of i20, Figo, Polo, Swift etc. 


Mahindra and Mahindra E2O T2

The famous auto giant Mahindra and Mahindra which is now known as Mahindra Reva has introduced a new series of cars named as e2o which is both fuel efficient and economical. Mahindra e2o T2 is the top end variant of this series which is operated b
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Key Features
  • Reverse parking camera and assist
  • Infotainment system with DVD/CD/MP3/USB/AUX-in/iPod/Micro SD/ Bluetooth
  • High end JBL music system with 4 speakers and 2 tweeters
  • + All features of TO variant.

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