VW - 7 Speed DSG Transmission with Dry Clutches

Both manual and automatic gearboxes have their own advantages. While manual gearbox allows slotting of gears for sheer fun, automatic transmissions provides far less tiring and fatigue free driving. Direct Shift Gearboxes combines the advantages of manual as well as automatic gearbox providing ultimate driving pleasure.

VW - 7 Speed DSG Transmission with Dry Clutches

Manual Or Automatic The eternal debate on which one is better. Both transmissions have their pluses and minuses. Manual gears (Transmission) needs to be manually engaged or disengaged on the move thus exhausting the driver in a congested city traffic, automatic on the other hand are far less tiring as they engage or disengage automatically without any manual intervention. Manual transmission are normally preferred by car enthusiast for the sheer fun of slotting the gears plus the agility it offers to the drive. Automatic transmission are for those wanting to enjoy fatigue free driving.

DSG or Direct Shift Gearbox is a transmission option which combines the fun & responsiveness of manual transmission with the convenience of automatic gearshift. VW unveiled its 7-Speed DSG gear box at the recently concluded Indian Autoexpo, the system now comes with Dry Clutch. Dry clutches have organic-bonded friction lining which doesn’t need cooling thus dispensing the need of any oil sump used in case of conventional wet clutches.


DSG gearbox comes in two options i.e. 6-speed and 7-speed gearbox. 6-speed transmission option is suitable for high powered engine having the torque output of up to 350 Nm, 7-speed is .used in power plants reaching a max torque output of up to of up to 250 Nm.

DSG assembly comes with two independent gearboxes with two clutches on the job, inside the assembly; first one is used for odd number of gears i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and reverse while second takes care of 2nd, 4th and 6th gear.

Gears are engaged or disengaged in a DSG transmission system in under 1/400th of a second thanks to the use of two electronically controlled gear shafts. Such fast slotting has of gears have also minimised the rubber-band effect experienced in a conventional automatic transmission system.

DSG transmission system literally prepares itself for the next gear shift by putting the next immediate higher gear on standby mode the moment one gear is engaged for example; slotting in the first gear will engage the first shaft while second one will put the next gear on standby mode or engaging second gear means 2nd shaft is employed so first shaft will reach 3rd gear to make it on standby mode. The system follows this rule religiously with every gear change.

The pace at which gears shift happens in a DSG system thanks to the standby procedure makes the shifting very seamless thus delivering with power in an almost a straight line kind of pattern.

The system is controlled by a combination of hydraulics and mechanical's. This combination; Mechatronics (in company speak) is responsible for an accurate and precise shifting of the gears. The output shaft that drives the wheels is assigned to each gearbox unit.


Convenience of automatic with responsiveness of manual shifting.

Fast and precise gear shifts.

No rubber-band effect because of seamless power delivery.

Improved fuel efficiency due to overall weight

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