Volkswagen Jetta Petrol Review

At a time when petrol prices are increasing and the people are moving away from these vehicles Volkswagen has planned to launch the petrol version of the Jetta. Whether Volkswagen has erred or has made the right decision this will become clear in the days to come.

Volkswagen Jetta Petrol


Jetta Petrol - In today’s time and ‘I hate Petrol’ environment even the name sounds ominous. And yet VW decides to launch the petrol version of the Jetta. Has VW committed Harakiri as many expert reviews would make us believe? Has VW really erred so badly?

To us, that does not seem correct. I am sure the cumulative brain power within VW would have done their homework quite exhaustively and there would definitely be a method to the so obvious madness.

So what could have prompted this obvious madness?

Current love for Diesel Cars in India got a 7.50 Boost in May. It made diesel decision so easy and added to an ongoing ‘Herd Mentality’.It doesn’t matter whether one would be able to recoup the additional initial cost incurred on diesel cars basis one’s monthly driving. No one wants to tax their brains and do the maths.Even those who change cars frequently (less than 3 years) are opting for diesel cars. Surprising!!

Imagine if Race Course 1 decided to implement:
Additional levies & duties on diesel cars making them even more expensive
Announces Diesel decontrol

Any one of the above event might just reverse the deluge back in favour of the petrol cars. Then What? VW is banking on the likely hood of one of the event happening sooner than later, as irrespective of current political one or both the events are calling need of the day.

Having addressed the madness issue, let’s examine VW Jetta Petrol .

The car comes with smaller 1.4 Lts TSI petrol power plant vis-a-vis its competing set. Does the engine have the legs to race or just trot? Let’s go for some deep diving.

The 1.4 TSI is no match to Skoda’s 1.8 TSI, nither is it as refined nor does it have the legs to sprint, even though, post the initial trot, it does seem to get an energy boost once the Turbo kicks in. At 122 bhp max power output it’s no match to the Ultra refined 1.8 TSi (lower power output could be thanks to the deletion of Supercharger from the power plant) but it would definitely be less thirsty. Rotating Force of 200 NM staring as early as 1500 Rpm and being stable upto 4000 Rpm makes the Jetta a strong mid-range car.

Smaller engine, brilliant short throw gears and a 40 Kgs lower Kerb weight than its sibling diesel Jetta ensures that the petrol Jetta offers a “Balance of Thrill & Thirst’ in equal proportions.

Whilst Jetta Petrol even with smaller engines is no bad deal, where it lacks teh most is the feature list and tactile feel. Listing important Not Haves vs Haves in the Jetta Petrol is far easier. Not have list includes:

No Climate Control

No Bluetooth
No Touchscreen Media Interface
No Park Assist
No Electric Seat Adjustments (Not even in the drivers seat)
No Auto Locking

In terms of tactile feel the console quality rather than competing with its peers is even poorer that many of the hatchbacks. Whilst both front and rear seats are generous, they however lack cushioning and the backrest too is quite upright for one likes.

Interestingly Volkswagen does not offer the top-end highline variant in petrol power plant, what you get are the Trendline and Comfortline variants. This surely has been done keeping price points and their attractiveness in mind.

In our opinion, Jetta Petrol may not excite the 12 lacs plus Indian car buyers. Simply because he/she is now spoilt with creature comforts at equivalent price, so it’s not the petrol price that VW has to bother about, the challenge is to convince existing petrol heads spoilt by creature comfort and tactile feel to buy it, basis its tiny feature list.


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