Renault Duster Comes to India

In May of 2011 during the Renault Fluence launch, Mr. Marc NASSIF (MD) Renault India Pvt. Limited reiterated Renault’s plan to launch 5 new cars in India and enroll 100 like minded dealer partners to promote the Renault Brand on ground no later than end of 2012.

Today on the ‘Duster Day’ (4th July 2012), he once again reconfirmed Renault’s commitment to India. With Duster being Renault’s 4th product launch since May 2011, the company it seems is well on its way of keeping its promise of 5 new cars in India by 2012.

However, garnering the magic figure of 100 dealerships by end 2012 (55 as of date) could be another story all together, particularly in light of current market conditions in India.

But we at ecardlr.com are sure, that with the kind of focus Renault has on the Indian market and with some able support from Duster, Renault’s desire of enrolling 100 dealers could very well be a cake walk. And if that happens then it would get etched in the Indian Automobile Industry as one of the fastest ramp up by any new entrant in the market.

Renault’s commitment to India also stems from the fact, that the Indian car market is projected to be the 3rd largest automobile market in the world by 2020. With such projections, how can any automobile manufacturer ignore the India opportunity.

Duster in reality looks what its pictures have been promising; Premium, Stylish Compact SUV.

Whilst, Premium & Stylish are music to the Indian SUV buyers, Compact could cause some jar, as SUV=Big Car for most of them.

We at eardlr.com however believe that Duster can easily find favours with sedan buyers and premium hatch upgrades’. A much larger market, whose consumers are seeking Sedan like Style and Premium Tactile Feel along with its Compactness and Driveability, And this could be the game changer, that Duster is vying and hoping for.

3 different power plants (1.6 Ltrs Petrol, K9K 85 Ps and 110 Ps Diesel engines), 8 variants, 6 different colours, Duster sure, is going to spoil its buyers with choice.

Amazing ARAI mileage of 13.24 Kmpl (Petrol), 20.45 Kmpl- 85 Ps Diesel and 19.01 Kmpl 110 Ps Diesel with a starting price of Rs.7.19 Lacs, Duster might just do the magic for Renault and shorten the que in competing cars manufacturers dealership soon.

Duster Prices Ex-showroom Delhi

Variant                                   Price

RxE Petrol                             Rs.7.19 Lacs

RXL Petrol                            Rs. 8.19 Lacs

RxE Diesel 85 Ps                  Rs.7.99 Lacs

RxL Diesel 85 Ps                  Rs.8.99 Lacs

RxL Diesel 85 Ps Pack         Rs.9.99 Lacs

RxL Diesel 110 Ps                Rs.9.99 Lacs

RxZ Diesel 110 Ps                Rs.10.99 Lacs

RxL Diesel 110 Ps Pack       Rs.11.29 Lacs

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