Renault Duster Booking 7500 cars in 10 Days


With Duster, Renault has managed to get what it always deserved and that’s, Indian car buyers love, affection and their wallet. Renault whilst, is happy with their love and affection, what they must be most thrilled with is over 7500 (Duster booked as on 12th July 2012) Indian car buyers opening their wallet for Duster. The phenomenon is no less than what XUV 500 enjoyed when it was launched. What’s worthy to note, is that Duster has managed to do so in an environment when the Indian car market is on a downward drive.

So what’s worked for Renault Duster and not for Renault Fluence and  Pulse. Unfortunately for Pulse it had to live under Nissan Micra’s shadow. Pulse being a Micra look alike and then getting priced higher by at least over 40K over Micra, it was slated for doom from the day it was launched. Pulse monthly sales figures are there to prove this fact. Renault Fluence is a case of wooing premium entry car buyer with a low marquee value (show-off value) product and with features which fall short of what’s their competitor is offering for same value.

We at ecardlr.com believe that Renault Duster’s initial success is thanks to:

Price Value Equation in favour of the car (A La Ertiga and XUV 500) – Offer the Indian car buyer a genuine (stress being genuine) value and they will lap it up with both hands. Over 7500 cars booked since its launch on 4th July is a healthy and substantial proof.

Changing Car Buyers Mindset – Indian car buyers are now seeking bigger car (in any form or shape) till it offers car like features, driveability and compactness but with lots more space for a family of 5 at a price of a sedan.  Duster has managed to offer all the features of a car with oodles of space at a Fadoo price.  Ertiga started this Trend and Duster seems to be carrying it forward.

Larger Buying Set
- Appealing to a much larger car buying population set in India. Basis ecardlr.com internal car comparison data, Duster is being compared to Ertiga, Xuv500, Xylo, Safari and Innova (similar car buying set) and is also being compared with Verna Fluidic, Skoda Rapid, Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Honda City. Amongst its peer it is getting compared more often to the Ertiga (Could be a case of recently launched cars therefore more top-of-mind), followed by XUV 500 and then Innova, Xylo and Safari. Amongst cars its Verna Fluidic, followed by Dzire , Rapid and Honda.

Amongst SUV group it’s not getting compared to Scorpio and the only reason we can think of is that Scorpio generally does not appeal to premium upmarket urban SUV buyers, thankfully one less competitor to bother about.

What till date it has not managed to achieve is to get premium hatch upgrade, if this happens, then very soon the only car Renault India will have to manufacture in its plant would be the Duster.

Whilst, Renault has managed to pass its first launch exam with flying colour, what they now need to guard themselves is against service issues and manage maintenance cost. If they are able to do so then will get masses following the initial novelty buyers, else they will go the VW way, who even after high decibel advertising led success is finding it difficult to continue with it thanks to bad word of mouth from service front.

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