New SX4 Becomes Less Thirsty

Face-lifts are way to keep the exciting going in any brand, more so when any major new changes are some time away and the model/brand already has sustained itself for some time and is also showing some signs of ageing. It's on times like these face-lifts helps and keep the model/brand alive and top-of-mind of car buyers in India.

Difference Between Old SX4 and New SX4

Maruti had launched SX4 in May of 2007. Early days of SX4 were quite fruitful for this car and for the first time it seemed that market leader in mid-sized sedan had got a real competitor who can stand up to Honda's leading car the City. Initially all those tired of high handedness of Honda and their  blatant price rise finally got a toy from their trusted Maruti Suzuki, that they can use to beat Honda. But Alas, their happiness was short-lived as SX4 was seen as a gas guzzler low quality of plastics and lots of noise inside the car. Maruti too corrective action immediately, but unfortunately the battle was lost, with final stroke that happened from Volkswagen's Vento when it was launched and it became the City challenger

In a market devoid of any excitement and with Maruti having no real new car launch planned this year, one will see lots of upgrades from Maruti of their existing cars. It started with WagonR in Jan 2013 and now SX4. Once again like the Ritz face lift in 2012, wherein Maruti has just made all upgrades in its Diesel powered variant, SX4 continues the trend with major changes in its diesel variant.

The All New SX4  from Maruti gets a 'Super Turbo DDiS Engine', great nomenclature for an existing power plant. The New SX4 was also driven by the same 1.3 Litre Multi-jet Super Turbo DDiS engine with 'Variable Geometry Turbocharger' has been tweaked so as to enhance its fuel efficiency (ARAI Mileage) which has now gone up from 21.50 KMPL to 21.79 KMPL.

It seems that Maruti Suzuki has done some major tweak in its 1.6 Litre Variable Valve Timing petrol power plant as the fuel efficiency (ARAI Mileage) has gone up almost 6% from 15.50 KMPL to 16.51 KMPL whilst its mileage (ARAI Mileage) for CNG has also gone up from 21.4 KM/KG to 22.1 KM/KG of CNG. Makes imminent sense in current market scenario wherein fuel prices are itching to touch the sky almost on a daily basis.

Other big change is the small increase of 10 mm in the length of the car, we wonder where has Maruti Managed to get this extra 10 mm, maybe the bumper have become more bulbous (but we don't know yet), suffice to say this extra 10 mm is not going to add to any cabin space as the wheel base has stayed put.

Yes the New SX4 gets a 'Touch Screen Stereo with Navigation and Bluetooth' the current favourite of most car manufacturer worth their salt in India. This offers connectivity with GPS and Audio support for navigation. Two tone Black and Beige Interiors (Dash in Black with upholstery in Beige), better fit and finish and premium upholstery, chrome finish on inside door handles and AC side louvers with black & marble prints inside and wooden finish on armrest are some of the note worthy changes in the interiors.

Externally the Muscular front bumpers gets a two tone grille, electronically foldable outside rear view mirror (ORVM) with turn indicators, dual tone fog lamp garnish.

The biggest surprise and we must say an intelligent decision is that all these additions do not come with added burden on one's pocket. i.e the prices are not changed. In effect, those interested in an SX4 now will get more car per car (to borrow a line from other well-known car brand) for the same price.

Happy Shopping!

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