A first look at the Jaguar XF gives a clear image of it carrying forward the XJ look. The new car has some changes and styling that makes the XF a charming vehicle. Besides, the ride quality is also as charming as it should be in any sports car segment.


See the facelifted XF in passing and you could easily mistake it for an XJ. That’s because there’s more than a hint of Jag’s bigger cat in this updated XF. The family look, as it were means the XF adopts the XJ’s gorgeous ‘raised eyebrow’ bi-Xenon headlights, replete with the really distinctive J-shaped LED running lights. The front grille is slightly bigger now and the bumper gets subtle tweaks of its own. Styling changes to the rear are limited to the lower portion of the Led taillights that now extend further towards the numberplate. The good thing is that the aggressive XF still looks like a sports car trapped in a saloon’s body.

Open the doors and there’s nothing inside that screams this is the newer car; it’s all in the details, really. The revised instruments get an all-black layout, the formerly shiny buttons of the centre console now come finished in a more sober black and the steering wheel is slightly different too. The new function buttons on the dashboard also make it easier to navigate through the XF’s 7-inch touchscreen; pity the graphics weren’t upgraded too. Also, opening the glovebox is no longer a game of hide-and-seek, with a new chrome button replacing the older car’s far too discreet feather-touch release.

There is new stitching on the seats too, but it is the tasteful combination of wood, leather and soft plastics that really makes the XF cabin a special place to be in. The ceremonial welcome, where the gearshift knob rises out of the central tunnel and the AC vents flip open on engine startup, continues to add a sense of occasion to every drive.

And what a drive the XF is. Its twin-turbo, 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine is incredibly smooth and flexible, enough to instantly go from purring cat to roaring lion as you weigh down on the throttle pedal. What’s more, the six-speed gearbox is almost telepathic in the way it shifts ratios in both ‘D’ and the sportier ‘S’ mode.

As before, Indian XFs get the raised suspension package. As a result, the Jag rolls a fair bit when pushed hard through corners. Under hard acceleration, the Jag squats down on its haunches and the traction control keeps cutting in as the rear wheels threaten to spin.

On the flipside, ride quality is brilliant as the XF simply steamrolls most undulations. If at all, it would be the slight lack of rear-seat thigh support that could be a minus point for chauffeur-driven owners.

However, where the Jag continues to deliver is on that all-important feel-good factor you expect from a car that costs Rs 52.95 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai). The XF always had a personality very distinct from its more business-like German rivals. And with these styling and interior tweaks, the already charming XF is even more endearing. 

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