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Who would need a Doctor once you have a car that can diagnose you on the move?


Who would need a Doctor once you have a car that can diagnose you on the move?

Toyota’s future steering wheel will come to know if you are Having an Heart Attack. This would be possible with a built-in ECG.

The setup is quite simple; Steering wheel embedded contact sensors would detect any deviation in heart beat rhythms via the driver's hands, ECG info will be displayed on the in-car navigation screen. This simply means the day one could check one’s heart beat with the weather and local news is not far away.

Ford like Toyota is also working on to put health-related technology in its vehicles. It’s developing a car seat with a built-in heart rate monitor, can measure the human heartbeat through clothing without any need for skin contact.

Health related technologies are important for countries with demographic profile skewed towards higher age group. America for example is expected to double its Plus 65 yrs population by 2050, this no doubt would increase the probability of higher health related accidents. If a vehicle can detect that a driver is having a heart attack, alert him to pull over, and then automatically call 911, many lives could be saved. 


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