Which is a better car between Ertiga and Innova

The big difference is in the size and price. But which one makes more sense? Should you settle for Ertiga or its better to stick to the old favourite the Innova from Toyota. We Stack them head to head and study them in detail to facilitate your new car purchase. Difficult to do as both Ertiga and Innova are competent cars and worth considering if you are looking for a 7 seater. 

Which is a better car between Ertiga and Innova

Indian car buyers catch on real quick. Ertiga Vs Innova comparison is a proof enough for that. Out of the many thousands comparisons for Ertiga that we have analyzed over last 3 days on www.ecardlr.com, Ertiga Vs Innova seems to be the current favorite.

Even consumers that we have spoken to and met at Maruti Suzuki dealerships seem to be comparing the Ertiga to the Innova. One even heard Ertiga being referred to as  ‘Mini Innova’.

        Is it fair to do so?

        Are they really comparable cars?

        Is price proximity driving the comparisons?

        OR is it simply the case of Identical Looks?

Basis these observations, we at ecardlr.com thought of running our own comparisons, at least on paper, to decide whether the Ertiga is really a good option to the current market favourite – The Innova. Models compared were Innova 2.5 VX 7 Str Diesel and Ertiga ZDI.

Feature Ertiga Innova
Overall length (mm)  4265 4585
Overall width (mm)  1695 1760
Overall height (mm)  1685 1760
Wheelbase (mm)  2740 2750
Ground clearance (mm)  185 176
Kerb / Unladen Weight (kgs)  1125 1680

Dimensionally Ertiga looks small, which it is by 320 mm  (Almost 1 Feet) 5 vs the Innova. ERtiga is 65 mm less wider and 55 mm shorter in height than the Innova.

However, Ertiga’s wheelbase of 2740 mm is just 10 mm shorter than the Innnova. This is really a big surprise. So, whilst Headroom and Shoulder-room could be an issue with Ertiga, but Legroom  is quite comparable to the Innova.  No wonder Maruti is referring to it as a compact Lifetstyle Utility Vehicle (LUV)


Ertiga’s 1.3 Ltr engine seems quite puny when compared to Innova’s 2.5 ltr diesel power plant. Figures that make many to declare Ertiga as an underpowered car. However, this could be misleading. Power / Weight (P/W - P/W is the power available in a car to pull 1 tonne of cars weight.) ratio is the correct way to come any conclusion. Innova with a P/W of 61 is far lower than the P/W of 73 of the Ertiga, therefore at least on paper Its the Innova which has lower pulling power than the Ertiga.


In addition to Dual front Airbags like the Innova, Ertiga also offers EBD which is not available in the Innova.


Innova on the other hand offers Bluetooth, LCD Touch Screen and DVD as a standard fitment in its 2.5 V variant, however, these are not available in Ertiga ZDI. Captain seats in the 2nd row of the Innova 2.5 V is another additional comfort feature vs the Ertiga, Ertiga’s second row offers 60:40 split bench seats.


With an ARAI mileage of 12.99 KMPL of Innova Vs 20.77 KMPL of Ertiga, it’s the Ertiga that is much less thirstier. Add to this an entry price difference of almost Rs.5.00 lacs  and it becomes easy to decide.


Expect for some differences a Rs.5 lac advantage that the Ertiga offers vs a comparable Innova makes the Ertiga a far better ‘Value Buy’ over the Innova.

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