Verna Remote Push Button Start and Steering Lock


Technology advancement at times creates more problem than solutions. In most cases, its also due to car dealers not taking time to explain car features in details to a new car buyer. Indian car market is still growing, there are therefore some features the car buyers are not aware of. Are the car dealers listening


1.Verna(O) unlocked whether can start from Button without remote presence in Car or no. 2. Verna(O)How Steering in locked when there is no key to lock steering.

Verna Remote Push Button Start and Steering Lock

To answer your first question

No the car will not start if the remote is not in the car or within a certain prescribed distance of the car. Ideally and normally it should be in the car.

2nd Question is slightly tricky, not for anything else, but probably, because we might not have understood the same, basis some assumptions as to what your query could be, here are possible answers

Steering gets locked if after removing the key you rotate the steering in either direction up to the angle where its designed to get Locked. Locked here means that the steering will move only to a very small angle in either direction which is not sufficient to steer a car. In such case, all you need is to do is insert the key and rotate in any direction that it allows you to rotates without applying major force. Mostly in such cases a very slight turn in either direction is all it needs. If this does not work, ask help from a Hyundai authorised service station.


You could also have a steering locked feeling, if the car engine is not on, because all power steering needs the engine to be in running condition. If the engine is off and you try to turn the steering, it will require lots of energy and will be quite difficult to turn, thus giving you feeling, as if the steering is locked.

I believe that you might have tried all these solutions already and if it’s a yes, then we haven’t understood your question. Can you send us some more details please?

May we also urge you to speak an authorised Hyundai dealer workshop to be 100% sure, before initiating any process basis our suggestion? 

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  • Now a day’s every car maker equipped with push button system with the smart key which is controlled by the chips in plain words known as immobilizer to start and off the vehicle. Without this smart key the vehicle cannot be started. By this smart key we can open and close vehicle’s door and tailgate by the remote which is in-built. So make sure that the smart key should not fall from hand or height or being tampered as chips which is inside can break, do not come under the contact of the magnet or the electric shock as it will not be able start the vehicle. Modern vehicle with this system makes a car more secure for the owner’s vehicle from being stolen.

    The vehicle with the key and the key cylinder system, it unlocks the steering while inserting the key into the key cylinder and lock after we pulled out the key from the cylinder, but in push button system, it will be unlocked as we push the push button switch “ON” which is energized to unlock the steering and will lock as we off the switch.

    Anjan reply