Are Ford cars really expensive to maintain. That's what everyone believes, this is all thanks to past experience in terms of service cost of earlier Ford cars like; Ikon, Escorts etc.


Are Ford cars expensive to maintain, I am planning to buy Ford Figo Diesel.


Yes, Ford maintenance could be expensive when compared to a Maruti or a Hyundai, but may not be very expensive when compared to a Toyota or some other new car companies servicing cost.

I think maintenance costs today are of little consequence, mainly because with technology having improved so much that even so called high maintenance diesel cars do not require major servicing support. All one has to do is to be religious in terms of getting your car serviced as per manufacturer prescribed service schedule.

Add to this the fact that most manufacturer offer 3 year service package at reasonable prices, along with this if you  buy the extended warranty for  3rd and 4th year , you should have no major maintenance cost or issues

Go for Figo its a great solid buy.


Figo, January 7 2017.

VISITOR                                                        Hii      


VISITOR                                                        How are you?


AGENT                                                          I am Doing Fine, hope you too are doing good               


VISITOR                                                        Iam living near Tanjore             


VISITOR                                                        My native place is tiruvarur    


VISITOR                                                        I would like to purchase Ford Figo       


AGENT                                                          Ok      


VISITOR                                                        So what is the price    


VISITOR                                                        On road            


VISITOR                                                        This is petrol or diesel engine               


AGENT                                                          I could see that you are already on Figo model page   


AGENT                                                          You can get an approximate on road price in your city on your own on our site              


AGENT                                                          please select the variant you are interested in              


AGENT                                                          Once you reach that page, click on on road price          


VISITOR                                                        Please could you send to my mail id   


VISITOR                                                        Okay Mr.          


VISITOR                                                        What is the car price  


AGENT                                                          which variant of Figo diesel are you considering          


VISITOR                                                        I need red colour         


VISITOR                                                        New model    


VISITOR                                                        Petrol engine


AGENT                                                          ok, but which version


VISITOR                                                        It is available 


VISITOR                                                        2016 model    


VISITOR                                                        Ford Figo         


VISITOR                                                        Red colour      


VISITOR                                                        2016model     


AGENT                                                          I am sorry you are still not sharing the version, is it Trend, Titanium etc            


VISITOR                                                        Or 2015 model              


AGENT                                                          we are not into old cars, so won't be much help there               


AGENT                                                          waiting for your version           


VISITOR                                                        Version means             


VISITOR                                                        It is mentioning model or something 


AGENT                                                          http    //www.ecardlr.com/new-cars/Ford-new-Figo/


AGENT                                                          go to this link, scroll down      


VISITOR                                                        Ok      


AGENT                                                          you will see Figo Base, Ambiente, Trend, Titanium ....               


VISITOR                                                        Titanium          


VISITOR                                                        Red    


VISITOR                                                        1.2       


VISITOR                                                        Ford new Figo               


AGENT                                                          Ok, hold pls    


VISITOR                                                        1.2 ti-vct          


AGENT                                                          is Thanjavur same a Tanjore   


VISITOR                                                        Yes     


VISITOR                                                        Correct             


AGENT                                                          http    //www.ecardlr.com/on-road-car-price-thanjavur/new-Figo-titanium-1.2-ti-vct-metallic.aspx


AGENT                                                          This link gives you an approximate pruce         


AGENT                                                          price  


VISITOR                                                        Okay sir            


VISITOR                                                        I will check     


AGENT                                                          Price could change because of new year pricing           


VISITOR                                                        Kuan on am available


VISITOR                                                        Kumbakonam available            


VISITOR                                                        Place name    


AGENT                                                          you can change cities on the link sent to you  


VISITOR                                                        Okay sir            


VISITOR                                                        I will check now           


AGENT                                                          pls do


AGENT                                                          If the city of your choice is not available maybe its because Ford does not have a dealer there, check in nearest city then                   


VISITOR                                                        Ok      


VISITOR                                                        It is available in tanjore            


VISITOR                                                        Thanks

Figo, August 26 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hi  


VISITOR                                                              needs your advice for Ford Figo car               


AGENT                                                                hi how can we help you?   


VISITOR                                                              hello           


AGENT                                                                hello           


VISITOR                                                              Planning to buy Ford Figo next gen trend variant   


VISITOR                                                              is too good               


AGENT                                                                sure and what is your concern         


VISITOR                                                              need to check with you is my decision right              


AGENT                                                                depends on your expectation from the car


VISITOR                                                              fuel efficiency and maintenance    


VISITOR                                                              low cost     


AGENT                                                                which other cars are you evaluating             


VISITOR                                                              can you suggest      


VISITOR                                                              I just check for Ford              


VISITOR                                                              what is your personal opinion         


AGENT                                                                maintenance is in control and Ford is working hard in bringing down the servicing cost      


AGENT                                                                Ford cars are fun to drive...diesel hardly feels diesel           


AGENT                                                                personally quite likes their cars      


VISITOR                                                              I’m planning for petrol        


AGENT                                                                low resale and low service penetration are challenges       


VISITOR                                                              not diesel 


VISITOR                                                              rite               


AGENT                                                                petrol too is good drive which is what Ford brand stands for however petrol does not score highly on mileage                                        


AGENT                                                                which city friend    


VISITOR                                                              Pune           


AGENT                                                                if alright with negatives go ahead with Figo              


AGENT                                                                it is competitive package amongst options


VISITOR                                                              this is my first car, so don't want to end with bad choice     


AGENT                                                                actually for first car we normally recommend buyers to stick to Maruti or Hyundai


AGENT                                                                which have good cost control overall easy availability and decent resale   


VISITOR                                                              so should I change my plan then?  


VISITOR                                                              and thing for Maruti or Hyundai?   


AGENT                                                                Ford first car unless you really love everything can be reconsidered             


VISITOR                                                              I liked the car and more over my usage is just once or twice in a week         


AGENT                                                                then go for it....it's a good driver’s car and decent space and styling              


AGENT                                                                it's not that first time buyers never buy Ford ??        


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                we suggest you go and drive swift grand i10 and Figo back to back and go for the one you enjoy the most                                              


AGENT                                                                whichever you buy please take zero depreciation insurance add on to regular insurance for peace of mind in case of accident claims   


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                hope we were helpful        


VISITOR                                                              if given chance to buy car which one will you prefer             


AGENT                                                                heart with Figo however mind with swift  


VISITOR                                                              confusion  


VISITOR                                                              I think has to reconsider     


AGENT                                                                hmm...test drive both and decide 


AGENT                                                                don't worry. Ford is also capable brand...if you like it more go for it...          


VISITOR                                                              have taken test drive           


VISITOR                                                              and liked Ford         


VISITOR                                                              im more concerned with Ford tend variant               


AGENT                                                                go for it then buddy             


AGENT                                                                see only negatives of Ford have shared already      


AGENT                                                                if those are fine then no problem at all       


AGENT                                                                on a rare case one gets odd experience but overall Figo is also good decision          


VISITOR                                                              have checked the online servicing charges and spare part cost and it fine not very costly affordable                                                       


VISITOR                                                              for claims 17kmph 


VISITOR                                                              at least we can except 15-16 kmph for petrol           


VISITOR                                                              in city          


AGENT                                                                deduct 25-30% from arai average   


VISITOR                                                              so how much will I get in city according to you        


AGENT                                                                we expect Figo to return 13-14        


AGENT                                                                though a lot depends on driving style and condition            


AGENT                                                                if less drive and city it might give lower too              


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              Tata cars are gud?  


AGENT                                                                for you will not recommend currently         


VISITOR                                                              thinking for Tiago  


VISITOR                                                              they are launching Kite in sept        


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                they are developing food products however we would like to wait n watch and let them pass test of time and durability                       


VISITOR                                                              rite               


AGENT                                                                friend need to log out. Hope we have been helpful              


AGENT                                                                all the best for your new wheels    


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks for all you help  


AGENT                                                                pleasure.   


AGENT                                                                happy and safe driving