Authorised Vs Non-authorised Service Station - Impact on Resale Value

A good number of car owners move out of authorised service station once their car is out of warranty. We at ecardlr.com actually recommend that one should  always get their car serviced from a authorised service station only.

I have been getting my car serviced for last 3 years from authorised service station, however, now that the car is beyond warranty and over 3 years old, I want to save some maintenance cost. Can I go to a non-authorised service station? Will impact my cars resale value?

Authorised Vs Non-authorised Service Station - Impact on Resale Value

I wish the answer to your question was as simple. Maintenance cost of a car over its life cycle is a costly affair, therefore most car owners opt out of authorised service station once the car goes out of warranty.

In our opinion whilst the cost difference of maintaining the car at an authorized service station Vs any other station is decent, however, one should restrain from doing so. As the used car market gets more organized, a authorized station maintained car will be valued differently and higher than one which is maintained outside.

Plus most car  manufacturers offer extended warranty right up to the 4 the year. In our opinion one should opt for maximum available warranty for a car, even though it comes at a price. Warranty is like a mediclaim, which one has to take and hope that one does not ever use it. Its bought for sheer peace of
 mind for any eventuality. With warranty comes need to get your car serviced from authorized dealer only, but then these days with large gaps between paid service, the overall burden is not too high when viewed from an annual perspective.

However, if you decide to get your car serviced by a non-authorised
  service station, you still need to follow the service schedule and you must ensure that the garage has necessary equipments to service today’s ECU driven cars.