Do LDi, VDi and ZDi Communicate Different Technologies

How does Ldi, Vdi and Zdi differ in technology terms from each other or do they stand for something else. Please explain. 

What is Ldi Vdi and Zdi technology in cars?

Do LDi, VDi and ZDi Communicate Different Technologies

These are not technology terms, they do not indicate nor are designed to communicate difference in technology. These are terms that are used by Maruti Suzuki to differentiate their trims or variants or versions of the same model. Maruti Suzuki normally uses them for their models which are driven by diesel power plants.

LDi, VDi and ZDi therefore communicate differentiate variants of the same model. In Maruti Suzuki's case they are used for the variants of :

LDi normally is assigned to the base variant/version of the given model with ZDi being the top-end fully loaded version of the model. As stated above, there is no technology difference, but yes there are features difference. Examples of features are; Power Windows, Stereo System, Navigation System, Airbags, bluetooth etc.

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  • Exactly diffrent only out side features. Inside technology as same.

    talla srikanth reply
  • I really enjoyed very much with this article. Really it is an amazing article I had ever read. I hope it will help a lot for all. Thank you so much for this amazing posts.

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