Toyota Etios Liva Suspension and AC Noise


When cost drives a product development, there are bound to be compromise or rather managing quality in line with the approved budget. Toyota possibly erred too much on budget side while developing the Etios and Etios Liva



My new Liva is a real disappointment. Somethings one never expects from a Toyota. AC makes lots of noise and the suspension shudders my car? Will Toyota correct these issues?


Toyota Etios Liva Suspension and AC Noise

The problems you are facing have been encountered by quite a few Etios Liva buyers, which is unfortunate. However, these issues are most design and engineering issues. One needs an overall car solution rather than fixing them individually. These therefore cannot be fixed at any Toyota dealership.

Overall Noise levels in the Toyota Etios Liva are higher thanks to a cut-down on sound deadening materials, therefore the suspension noise filters inside the car. Ac noise is all thanks to this.

Many reviews have highlighted the negatives on the car thanks to Toyota's desire of keeping the car under a certain budget.

having said all that, one can be assured of its driveability and it's engines performance. We are sure that on these 2 parameters you are definitely quite satisfied.

We are equally sure that whenever Toyota launches the LIva upgrade these issue would definitely be taken care by them.

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  • I have been seeing this common Refrain "Toyota's desire of keeping the car under a certain budget" as an excuse for the defects in Toyota Etios and Etios LIVA. This is the MOST RIDICULOUS excuse I have come across.

    I have owned other Cars MUCH LESSER PRICED such as WAGON R, SANTRO, LOGAN etc., and NONE OF THEM HAD THIS PROBLEM. When you price a Vehicle at 7 Lakhs where is the question of Cost Cutting?? One is paying the Money believing in the TOYOTA BRAND Name and famed TOYOTA QUALITY. For 7 Lakhs+ much more could have been done by TOYOTA instead of trotting out such an astounding excuse.

    Please see the AMAZE, XCENT, SWIFT which are priced in the same range as ETIOS and none of them has compromised on the basic Quality. I persuaded my wife to go for ETIOS based on the TOYOTA Brand name and Image and am now regretting it EVERY DAY.

    PRITHVI RAJ reply