Should I Buy New Ford Aspire Petrol or Used Ford Aspire Diesel

New Vs Pre-owned or used car, petrol vs diesel same model, which is the best buy. Normally new is always a better buy as it does not trouble one with maintenance cost for atleast 3-5 years. At a superstitious level, all pre-owned or used items do come with previous owners good or bad luck, Personally speaking I will not go for pre-owned

I am looking to buy ford aspire titanium opt petrol for 6.95 lakhs l , but i am having an offer of aspire titanium plus diesel one year driven 23000KMS in 5.8 lakhs, which one should i buy?

Should I Buy New Ford Aspire Petrol or Used Ford Aspire Diesel

Must admit its a good choice of car. Aspire delivers looks, space and Ford heritage, worth loooking at even though not a popular model.

Your first choice was Petrol Ford Aspire, I am sure it was based on certain driving assumption i.e kms/month. Personally speaking I am a petrol lover, even during the period of dieselisation I bought a City petrol. Petrol cars are fun to drive. 

If you were to go with pre-owned Aspire diesel, which saves you around Rs.1.15 lacs. I will not be looking at teh pre-owned for dollowing reasons

1) The car reading at 23000 kms means in just 12 months means it has been driven quite hard, one does not know how good or bad driver the current owner was.

2) Being a diesel car over long term expect at least 15-20% higher maintenance cost

3) Need to check whether the gaurantee on Electric items will be valid for at least next 12 months, as per our knowledge teh gaurantee changes to warrant after 12 months. 

4) I strongly believe in the next 3-4 years I expect diesel to either match petrol cost or even be higher as is the case in many countries.

Last but not the least whenever you plan to upgrade in future, the price of the car will drop dramatically

a) Becuase it will become a second sale  

b) Ford normally has poor resale

Hope this helps