Petrol or Diesel Car Which Would be Best Today and Tomorrow?

Petrol or diesel debate started with unabated rise in petrol prices, even car manufacturers were caught with such dramatic and sudden change in Indian car buyers preferences

I have to decide about which vehicle fuel you should buy ...my concepts are petrol vehicles are maintenance free and diesel vehicles cost a lot for maintenance ...resale value is more for petrol than diesel.... am i correct or wrong

Petrol or Diesel Car Which Would be Best Today and Tomorrow?
Fuel type is dependent on your daily running, with rising petrol prices a daily commute of over 50 Kms skews the decision in favour of a diesel car or else petrol should be your favoured option.

With the kind of tech leap diesel cars have taken, they are almost as noiseless as a petrol car, far more peppier to drive and less burden on your purse with every visit to the petrol station. In terms of maintenance cost diesel are no longer very expensive to maintain.

In today's scenario, diesel enjoy a better resale value than petrol, till this situation changes dramatically i.e diesel becomes as expensive as petrol, till then used petrol will be difficult to sell.