Should I buy 6 month old Polo TDi at 6.5 lacs

Buying a used or pre-owned car is a tricky business. One has to really do an exhaustive analysis to come to a correct answers. In our opinion a new car is a new car, unless a less than 12 month old car is available at least at a discount of 20% of its current new car price net of all discounts. 

I have been offered Polo TDi diesel of 2012 Nov model at 6.5 lacs. Is it a good deal? 

Should I buy 6 month old Polo TDi at 6.5 lacs

In order to give you a correct answer, one would like to know the city where you buying this car. Since the Polo TDi you are referring too is just 6 months old, knowing the city would make a difference. In absence of city name, allow us to assume that you are buying your car in Delhi.

Current Delhi Ex-showroom price for a new Polo TDi is Rs.6.05 Lacs, one can safely add another 13% approximately to come to an on-road price, this translates to 6.84 lacs in Delhi. Less current scheme which is Free First year Insurance - Landed cost in Delhi for a new car Polo Trendline Diesel comes to Rs. 6.65 lacs. Negotiate further and you might get another 10000 in cash or as freebies. Basis this calculations, I would rather buy a new Polo TDi.

Normally a car depreciates by around 10-15% the moment you drive it out of the showroom, even taking a 10% drop on a Delhi car, one should get a price of Rs.6.15 lacs at the top. 

I would suggest you do this calculations basis your city prices and decide. Our answer is obvious from the above maths, hopefully.