How to improve my cars mileage?

In the era of ever increasing fuel prices, one cannot avoid personal conveyance. It's therefore always prudent to drive one's car efficiently, in order to eek out more mileage from it. Whilst, we have listed some ways to improve a a cars' mileage, we are equally sure, that we have missed many. Please feel free to contribute your tips to improve a cars mileage, so that it benefits all car owners.

How can I make my car run longer or get more mileage from my car?

How to improve my cars mileage?

Rajat, we believe, what you want to know is, how to get more mileage from your car. There are many ways you can make your car run longer, some of them are;

1) Always drive your car at constant speed, over speeding normally impacts negatively on a car's fuel efficiency. Recommended speed normally is 50 Kmph.

2) Do not change gears quite often. Most modern cars can run even on higher gears at lower speeds, thanks to a flatter torque curve. Changing gears often reduces fuel efficiency.

3) At traffic signals, switch off the engine if your are going to wait at the signal for over 20 secs.

4) Maintain recommended tyre pressure, over inflated or under inflated tyres are not good for cars fuel mileage.

5) Do not override clutch while driving, doing so will affect both your clutch and mileage negatively.

6) Follow manufacturer prescribed service schedule diligently, this will ensure better performance and good mileage.

Follow the above rules religiously, get more mileage and save more.