Honda City Suspension and AC Foul Odour


Car suspension are responsible not only for car stability and ride quality. AC misbehaving with foul odour though rare is quite irritating. Any kind of unusual behaviour makes one very uncomfortable.


My one year old Honda City of late seems to be giving me some peculiar problems.
A strange Odour is emitted every time I switch on the fan blower
On every potholes I hear a 'Thunk' sound
Can You advice?

Honda City Suspension and AC Foul Odour

Let’s take your second problem first.  Being a City owner myself with similar vintage, I too faced the same problem of the ‘Thunk’ sound every time my car went over a pothole. With increasing speed the degree of the noise only become more irritating and made me feel as if my City was riding without shocks or suspension. Many visits to the service station could not been able to solve the same. It’s then I decided to take the matter in my hand and test drove at least 10 different Honda City of similar vintage and to my relief found out that all of them behave similarly. Some more research revealed that Honda cars are designed with harder suspension setting, which is responsible for the cars behaviour over the potholes.

Regarding the foul smell it could simply be an issue of water getting collected due to condensation from the condenser coil which creates moisture. One way to deal with it is to switch off the AC slightly before you actually reach your destination, however, do not switch off the fan blower.

Hope this solves your problem.


Honda City, May 8, 2016.

VISITOR                                                        i am planning to book a Honda City vx(o) mt next week            


VISITOR                                                        and i did not like the factory fitted audio system         


AGENT                                                          I told you about my opinion on the car              


AGENT                                                          unfortunately there will be nothing I could contribute              


VISITOR                                                        not that...        


VISITOR                                                        if i install a new system will i lose features like hands free telephony and stuff?         


AGENT                                                          any change could have that effect, but then it depends on the new system    


AGENT                                                          you possibly could get one with similar features outside         


VISITOR                                                        ok       


VISITOR                                                        thank you for your help            


AGENT                                                          pleasure          


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