Amaze Petrol When Can I Get It

As expected Honda Amaze is seeing huge demands for itself, however, Honda is still trying to gear up to meet this great demand for the Amaze. Expect some heartburn for few months. Honda sure will find an Amaze..ing solution.

Honda Amaze, E MT petrol, within how many days do I get car in hand after booking?


Amaze Petrol When Can I Get It

We are sure that the dealer must have told you that the delivery for petrol Amaze will start only from June 2013. Plus the version E MT that have chosen will be produced in lowest quantity. Current production planned is 80% diesel and 20% petrol out of a total of 4000 cars/month. Even 4000/month will take some time. Basis this calculations one should not expect delivery in August at the earliest, however, we will be more comfortable be with September basis yours being a Amaze EMT Version