Should I settle for Silver Colour for my Duster?

Colours on a car is a tricky business. From making a car look real cool and sexy, some colours may end up making the same car look so unappealing. Its equally true for Renault Duster. The choice of colour could be driven for Duster either by going with the car colour that is being preferred most by Indian car buyers of Duster or deciding basis one's own preference.

How does Renault Duster looks in Silver Color?

Should I settle for Silver Colour for my Duster?

Colour choice is a very personal decision. However, one's choice for colour should also get driven by what's easy to maintain, but before we come to that, let us share with you what colour sells the most in SUV's internationally.

The % wise preference is as follows:
Black - 21%
Silver - 18%
Grey  - 15%
White - 13%
Blue - 12%
Red - 7%
Green - 4 %
Rest other colours like Maroon, Gold, Tan, Purple, Purple, Tan etc 

Indian car buyers of Renault Duster till date have settled for Brown - This is a unique colour and it looks real good on the Duster. This is closely followed by White

Due to issues of dust, dark colours like Black and Grey are difficult to maintain, scratches show on them very fast, one would therefore avoid dark coulurs in India even though they look quite good on big cars thanks to their stand-out value.

We are sure you would make the right colour choice basis above inputs. 

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  • Confused with white and red so suggest best suitable colour

    j.s.chandan (2) reply
  • I have a silver Duster which I chose because it is a practical colour that does not show dirt so easily. I have noticed however that the Duster looks better in the darker colours, in my opinion, as this hides the somewhat aesthetically unappealing rear section of the car.

    John reply