Should I Buy the Ertiga or another Ford Fiesta?

Ford's biggest advantage in in India is that it's probably the only car manufacturer in India whose target audience is so sharply defined. Most car buyers opt for a Ford car simply because they love their cars and they love to drive. Ford car be it the earlier Ikon, the Figo or the Fiesta are just great drivers car 

I want to buy Ertiga Disel car. I have Ford Fiesta Diesel last model tell me which car is better should i remain with Ford Fiesta or go for Ertiga ????

Should I Buy the Ertiga or another Ford Fiesta?

Your query to say the least falls in the category of all Ford owners who are looking for a change, but are not sure, if the new car will meet their expectations. Most Ford car owners know their cars and love to drive, simply because Ford cars are so good to drive. The Fiesta that you own must  be super silent (even though it’s Diesel), has almost zero diesel lag and a great car to drive.

Having said all that, why would you be looking at the Ertiga, is it because of the extra legroom headroom and shoulder room that the Ertiga will provide you or is it because you want to try a car from some other manufacturer or simply because you now want to try the Maruti again. If the answer to these question is in affirmative, then go for the Ertiga.

However, if you still want a driver’s car, stick to a Ford (your question indicates your love for a Ford). Yes you can upgrade from the Fiesta, but then unfortunately the new Fiesta is just to overpriced for the value it offers (no wonder they still sell the old Fiesta’s more than the New Fiesta). What we would suggest is to wait till the New EcoSport hits the market. Basis our information it is expected to be launched by April of 2013 for sure if not in March 2013.

Ford EcoSport the compact SUV will give you the Ertiga ‘s space and the bonus of Ford’s driving pleasure. The car will be priced quite competitively and we expect that, around 10 lacs you might get a decently loaded Diesel EcoSport. 


Ford Fiesta Diesel problem, January 24 2017.

AGENT                                  Good Afternoon            


VISITOR                                Good afternoon             


VISITOR                                I would like to opt your advice regarding a problem of my car Ford Fiesta classic 1.4zxi diesel variant.                                


AGENT                                  How many KMs has your car done         


VISITOR                                Nearly 250000 kms        


AGENT                                  then why do you want to retain it any emotional reasons           


VISITOR                                It is my first car


AGENT                                  Honestly with 2.5 Lacs Kms in speed, Its better you move on     


AGENT                                  yes the mech maybe right, he might change the engine and you might still continue with the problem                              


VISITOR                                He is also suggesting the same. But I have already received numerous complaints against new car models also from several dealers of my region also.The service manager's of other Ford workshop are saying that the new cars also trigger problem and these problems are not covered under manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. Hence, I am even more confused about what to do?     


AGENT                                  Warranty does not cover items that wear example         Tyres, battery, clutch etc, plus you don’t have to take their word and go through the warranty details yourself


AGENT                                  I have been driving the Ecosport for last 2 years, haven't faced any such problems nor I have heard of any                                  


AGENT                                  IN any case sine you have been driving a Ford for last 10 years, it might not be a bad idea to change the car manufacturer, there are lots of good alternatives available          


VISITOR                                I have read reviews of various customers online and there version is also same.I have also personally spoken with some customers to verify the truth they have personally portrayed me the same issue.               


AGENT                                  Maybe its true, however, my final recommendation would be to move on and get a new car. You have seeked out maximum from your Fiesta.    


VISITOR                                All car manufacturers say that only manufacturing defect will be entertained by them under warranty policy. Now when something’s goes wrong the company's policy is to every time blame the customer for this and that.                                     


VISITOR                                Before my car's high pressure pump and injector failed I have got my car's body fully painted,brake shoe,brake pad,tyres,wheel rim,hose pipe everything has been changed,even parking sensors,rear view camera has been installed and now suddenly owing to this problem and mainly the service manager's version confused me even further.                                               


VISITOR                                Thanks for your suggestion