Should I Buy the Ertiga or another Ford Fiesta?

Ford's biggest advantage in in India is that it's probably the only car manufacturer in India whose target audience is so sharply defined. Most car buyers opt for a Ford car simply because they love their cars and they love to drive. Ford car be it the earlier Ikon, the Figo or the Fiesta are just great drivers car 

I want to buy Ertiga Disel car. I have Ford Fiesta Diesel last model tell me which car is better should i remain with Ford Fiesta or go for Ertiga ????

Should I Buy the Ertiga or another Ford Fiesta?

Your query to say the least falls in the category of all Ford owners who are looking for a change, but are not sure, if the new car will meet their expectations. Most Ford car owners know their cars and love to drive, simply because Ford cars are so good to drive. The Fiesta that you own must  be super silent (even though it’s Diesel), has almost zero diesel lag and a great car to drive.

Having said all that, why would you be looking at the Ertiga, is it because of the extra legroom headroom and shoulder room that the Ertiga will provide you or is it because you want to try a car from some other manufacturer or simply because you now want to try the Maruti again. If the answer to these question is in affirmative, then go for the Ertiga.

However, if you still want a driver’s car, stick to a Ford (your question indicates your love for a Ford). Yes you can upgrade from the Fiesta, but then unfortunately the new Fiesta is just to overpriced for the value it offers (no wonder they still sell the old Fiesta’s more than the New Fiesta). What we would suggest is to wait till the New EcoSport hits the market. Basis our information it is expected to be launched by April of 2013 for sure if not in March 2013.

Ford EcoSport the compact SUV will give you the Ertiga ‘s space and the bonus of Ford’s driving pleasure. The car will be priced quite competitively and we expect that, around 10 lacs you might get a decently loaded Diesel EcoSport.