Verito Vibe am I Making the Right Choice

Not many opt for a Vibe, probably becasue its not so popular or has not been advertised well or maybe it carries old negative memory of the Logan. In looks department its definitely not a stunner, however, it could beat other comparable cars hollow when it comes to space and value proposition.

I have selected Mahindra Verito Vibe D-6 for my daily tour purpose. I have a minimum run of 100 Kms daily. Am I selecting the right car. If any other car may suit me kindly help me.

Verito Vibe am I Making the Right Choice

Mahindra cars are known for their ruggedness. Their cars therefore becomes the best option in areas where road conditions are below par of one has to travel on unpaved road more often than not.

Verito VIBE is a spacious car, having being built on the same platform as the Verito, therefore space front and rear won't be a problem.

The 1.5 DCi engine which is basically the Renault engine on job at various Renault and Nissan cars,  si known for its smooth and liner power delivery with minimal diesel lag.

Mahindra service reach will be another plus for us.

As your daily commute is close to 100 kms, narrowing down to a diesel car is a good decision.

Even though you have decided on the Vibe, we suggest an exhaustive test drive. Take our inputs as suggestion only and not a final decision.