Ritz Automatic - Is it a Good Buy?

Automatic transmission are gaining popularity, a trend which car makers in India have identified and are planting automatic gearbox even in smaller hatchbacks.

I am thinking to buy Maruti Ritz Automatic version. Wish to know advice or review about the same

Ritz Automatic - Is it a Good Buy?

It's a good choice, simply because externally it's probably Maruti's most differentiating design. The car does have a stand out value.

Ritz Automatic is equipped with 4 Speed Automatic transmission. The same is used in Swift Dzire and A-Star models of Maruti. Automatic transmission is sought by those who travel mostly in bumper to bumper traffic, requiring frequent gear shift. Most of them also travel long distance to work. We believe your's could be a similar story.

Frequent gear shift means you need a gearbox which behaves almost instantly to speed changes or in start stop traffic, Rizt AT gear box does this job quite well as it takes-off quite smoothly from standstill position and responds quite well to even small inputs on accelerator pedals.

Being a 4 speed gear box, gear ratios are tall, this means downshifts will normally happen when the engine is at higher RPM resulting in higher noisy level. Whilst I have not driven one, such a behaviour might also result in some jerks which downshifting. Check this out during the test drive.