Is Premier Rio the Right Choice?

Whether one should buy Premier Rio or not depends on your ability to be adventorous and your abilty to g against the tide. We won't but you may. So decide.

I am thinking of buying Premier Rio. therefore, I read users review on net. Some people says it is very good. Good look, good mileage & some says bad look bad mileage please give me a good guidance about it is it value for my money?

Is Premier Rio the Right Choice?

Value for Money - How does one define it. Is it the entry cost (cost of buying a car)? Or Is It Cost of owning (running and maintenance cost)? or is it cost of exit (Resale Value)? Most of us take a sum total of all these before taking a decision.

Technically speaking most cars being sold in India are quite well engineered, therefore, very difficult to make a choice. Honestly, speaking, we don't have much experience on Rio, but let's see if we can qualitatively answer your question. To start with you can visit the link below for some inputs

We will seriously not consider Rio for lack of dealership - Reason for discomfort is that this translates lesser number of service stations, which will impact your movement outside main cities and most importantly you could be charged some good monies by service stations even for smaller jobs due lack of competition. This means cost of owning from maintenance point of view could be a costly proposition.

We will not buy Rio, because, Premier also does not seem to be serious, else they would have expanded dealerships like Renault, which in just 24 months have close to 100 dealerships in India and have launched 5 cars in the Indian market. Premier has not shown any eagerness in this area. This raises doubts about Premier's intention of being a serious long term player, this sure will Impact your Exit Cost negatively.

Yes the car does look good, is priced quite competitively, but, it seems that the interiors are quite weak, quality of material used does not match the money spent on it. For a price of 5 lacs you have quite good hatchbacks in the market and at 7.25 lacs one really has quite good options in the market.

Do note that we at www.ecardlr.com also suggest exhaustive test drive of the car you want to buy. Take our suggestion as a suggestion only and not a final decision.


Premier Rio, June 10 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hi  


AGENT                                                                Good Evening          


VISITOR                                                              Please let me know the nearest showroom for Rio               


AGENT                                                                which city 


AGENT                                                                it's going to be difficult        


VISITOR                                                              Rohini Delhi-110085             


AGENT                                                                on our home page there is a dealer button, click on that select premier and then city          


AGENT                                                                maybe you get something 


VISITOR                                                              what is waiting in Delhi?    


AGENT                                                                it's a car I don't track             


VISITOR                                                              anybody there in your organisation who can guide me?     


AGENT                                                                unfortunately no   


VISITOR                                                              what is your online support then, if you can’t help customer?         


AGENT                                                                apologies, we are not 100 percent capable


AGENT                                                                some cars we do not have the knowledge so rather than giving wrong info we apologise  


VISITOR                                                              thanks at least you are clear.            


VISITOR                                                              can I get some local contacts?          


AGENT                                                                let me see


AGENT                                                                http              //www.ecardlr.com/dealer-locator/premier-dealers/delhi-1/


AGENT                                                                this link has name of 3 dealers hope they exist       


VISITOR                                                              Thanks