Is December the best month to buy a New Car?

December dilemma. Most of us have it. 5-6 years back December purchase was a bad buy, however, car manufacturer over last 5 years have mastered the December Sale. Schemes and offers are too good to ignore and with price hike fear instilled through heavy media exposure, markting ingredients are all in the right place. No wonder December has become as big as any festive month for car sales in India. 

Wanted to buy new Wagon R Lxi CNG model.  My first question is Maruti will give some depreciation benefit in terms of price reduction in the month of Dec.2012 or shall I wait for new year ? My second question is CNG safe for after 7/8 years of running ? because I cannot afford to change cars frequently after 3 years.  At least I will use this car for next 8/9 years.

Is December the best month to buy a New Car?

VISITOR                                 Sir mujhe wagon r ke bare me jankari chahiye


AGENT                                  Apne segment ki acchi car hai WagonR.  City drive ke liye kaafi smooth hai. Fuel efficiency bhi car ki kaafi acchi hai.


AGENT                                  Price ko dekhte hue car me features kaafi hai


VISITOR                                Sir mujhe commercial car leni he to kya yeh best he


AGENT                                  Aap Delhi NCR me drive karte hai?


VISITOR                                hanji


AGENT                                  Tab aap WagonR pe ja sakte hai. Aapko usme CNG kit bhi already company se fitted milegi.


AGENT                                  lekin ek baat ka aap dhyaan rakhe, jo car aap lene waale hai wo RTO department me as a commercial vehicle registered honi chahiye


VISITOR                                Ok CNG me Mileage kitni deti h or car  ki life CNG me achi hoti he ya nahi


AGENT                                  Company fitted CNG kit se car ki life par koi asar nahi padta, lekin agar aap bahar se CNG kit lagwate hai to aapki car life ko fark pad sakta hai.


VISITOR                                Sir iska CNG tank kitna kg hota he or usme kitni CNG aati he or kitna km chalti he mileage kya deti he please sir thoda guide kar dijiye


AGENT                                   WagonR CNG aapko 26.6kmpl ka mileage deti hai or CNG Cylinder lagbhag 12 KG ka hoga or ek hi cylinder hoga.


VISITOR                                 Sir ek bar kitni CNG bharwa sakte he or kitne km chalti he



AGENT                                   Ek baar me aap 9 - 10 KG CNG bharwa sakte hai.



VISITOR                                thanx Sir


To answer your first question – Depreciation benefits are not given by Maruti.

However, correct me if I am wrong, your question is not about depreciation, but about your car being treated as 2012 car Vs 2013 car whenever you plan to upgrade in future.  IF that's your question, they yes a 2012 car will definitely fetch a lower resale value vs a 2013 car in future.

However, since schemes on cars are pretty good in December and since these are not available in either Jan or Feb of next year, plus as has been the trend Maruti has been raising prices in Jan by around 1-3% every year , an intention that they have announced this year too. Expected price hike + lower discounts, more than offsets the loss due to year change and at times December benefits are even bigger than these changes. Calculate and decide.

There is another reality, most cars available even up to late Jan are normally 2012 manufactured car. So if you do not have a pressing need for a new car, then I would suggest that you should wait till March of 2013 before buying a Maruti car as it being their last month of their financial year, schemes on Maruti cars then are quite decent are quite decent. Only downside could be the Budget announcement.

Being a factory fitted CNG car, we don't forsee any issues provided you get it serviced regularly and maintain it well. However, like everything else even a car would have some issues due to wear & tear over an extended period of time.


WagonR CNG fitment, May 18 2017.

VISITOR                                  hi        


AGENT                                    hello how can we help you      


VISITOR                                  yes     


VISITOR                                  I want to get installed CNG in my car   


AGENT                                    alright which car           


VISITOR                                  WagonR 2010 


VISITOR                                  around 60000 km already run 


AGENT                                    Friend we currently consult only on new car purchases however what's your concern we can still try and guide       


AGENT                                    as long as engine is in good shape and regularly serviced should not be a problem. What’s your concern?                    


VISITOR                                  ok       


VISITOR                                  I use my car 1500km every month        


VISITOR                                  so, will it be beneficial or not?


VISITOR                                  or shall I go for new car?           


AGENT                                    normally for 1500 we don't recommend CNG  


AGENT                                    new car with company fitted CNG will always be better             


VISITOR                                  ok       


VISITOR                                  Thanks                

WagonR AMT, Dec 18, 2015.

VISITOR                           sir can i go for WagonR vxi amt . Will it be a right choice?


AGENT                             Nice choice, Auto manual transmission makes the drive smoother.


VISITOR                           but there is no expert review in YouTube so i was confused


AGENT                             Better road manners, especially urban ride quality. Improved interior space


AGENT                             Generally we don't find the variant review specifically, for instance, you may not find the review of Maruti Baleno Delta Petrol review separately because people are more concerned about model reviews


AGENT                              this might be the reason you're not seeing any of AMT reviews.


VISITOR                           ok and one more thing cant i drive amt Wagon R on highways?


VISITOR                           it was written in one of the review try to avoid to take this car on highway


AGENT                             in AMT, we’ve found shifting gears are not quick, and sometimes it takes much longer than you would like to shift a gear higher or lower while driving on highways. This reduces driving pleasure and the overtaking capabilities of the car to an extent.


AGENT                             Being a driver, even i would like to go fast on highways, but delay in gear shifting would affect my driving.


VISITOR                           thank you for suggesting Wagon R amt will be a rite choice


VISITOR                           so can i go ahead with Wagon r amt


AGENT                             Yes, but please do test drive of both manual as well as AMT transmission


VISITOR                           why sir


VISITOR                           i did the test drive of amt


AGENT                             That will help to you feel the ride quality.


AGENT                             how did you find it?


VISITOR                           ya it was good


AGENT                             then, go with it.


AGENT                             All the best for your new wheels sir.


VISITOR                           ok sir thank you for your information


AGENT                             Our pleasure.



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  • WagonR CNG or Petrol which one to buy?

    Amit Mishra (1) reply
  • sir muze renault kwid lena hai 1000 cc mere liye thik rhegi ya nahi

    ashpak sheikh reply
  • Going to any show room of different car maker to buy a car, only latest model cars are available over there, old stock cars availability is zero. We can only get from one who deals with used cars of any models. Internal combustion engine are of petrol or diesel and LPG & CNG can be added to achieve the low expense in driving the vehicle for better mileage. Company fitted CNG kit are more durable than the outside fitted CNG kit. The CNG is cheaper than the gasoline (petrol), as you can see the current cost of one liter of petrol is Rs.60.49 (New Delhi) and one kg of CNG is Rs.38.15 (New Delhi), approximately difference is 6 to 8 km in per kg of CNG than petrol. CNG usage saves money and gives more mileage. It is durable for long runs with proper maintenance of the CNG kits as we do the service of the vehicle in periodic maintenance schedule. With proper maintenance we can use the vehicle for a long period of time.
    Anjan Surong reply