Evaluate EcoSport and give me the right answer

Indian car are quite intelligent, Whilst there is huge euphoria for Ford Ecosport with ques of car buyers growing everyday or should we say by the hour at Ford dealership, there are some who would like to pause, seek information and then decide. What a nice way to approach a new car purchase.

EcoSport Kaise Hai (How is Ford EcoSport?)

Evaluate EcoSport and give me the right answer

Acchi Hai to start with. It's good because it looks great and features in the Titanium and Titanium (O) variants are quite good. Voice Sync is an amazing convenience feature, which helps one activate, Phone, audio system etc  through one's voice, push button start and stop, Hill hold assist in Automatic version), etc.

If you are keen to look at one. then seriously look at the diesel version and not 1,5 litre petrol variant. Ford diesel engine are quite noiseless, drives well and gives great mileage. However, the petrol 1.5 litre engine is the same as New Fiesta engine, which unfortunately is not known for its fuel efficiency. One has heard of really bad average of under 10 KMPL in real life.

Ford EcoSport is suitable for a family of 4 and if you are tall and have a habit of driving with your driver seat pushed back, then passenger in row 2 also does not get much space. EcoSport biggest problem is it's space. Rear seat in particular is really small.

Boot space at 345 litres is not big Yes if you fold the rear seat then one gets a pretty big boot space of 700 + litres. Boot space also looks small thanks to rear parcel tray, which can be removed also.

Being a lighter and taller car, it does show some amount of sway and one does feel uncomfortable at high speed.

This may not big, but EcoSport does not have any grab handles on any door, quite surprising for a car with a Rs.5.60 lacs starting price tag. Hope Ford engineers correct it soon.

I would recommend you buy the EcoSport because if you like driving cars, your family is just you and your wife and you use rear seat rarely. However, if you like to be driven around, then maybe one can avoid it as space could become an issue.

We at www.ecardlr.com always recommend an exhaustive test drive. We also request you to please take our inputs as suggestion only and not a final recommendation.


Ecosport, May 2 2017.

VISITOR                                      i am looking MB GLA with petrol version for delivery in Goa


AGENT                                        Afternoon, my apologies, I am not clued on to luxury cars as much


VISITOR                                      can you help me to know spec and prices


VISITOR                                      no prob


AGENT                                        I believe the prices should be available on our site


VISITOR                                      do you have any idea of Ford Eco sport


AGENT                                        I drive a diesel myself


VISITOR                                      the price mentioned 36, 00,000 ex delhi


VISITOR                                      for diesel version


AGENT                                        are we talking Ecosport diesel


VISITOR                                      oh ok


VISITOR                                      i am also looking one car for my wife


VISITOR                                      we are little bit confused between Honda WRV and Ecosport


AGENT                                        I am a fan of Ecosport


AGENT                                        so my opinions are going to be biased


VISITOR                                      even i like Ecosport


AGENT                                        but then between the two cars I think the sheer noise and diesel ag in Honda diesel will be a put off for me


VISITOR                                      but also confused between diesel and petrol


AGENT                                        If we are talking petrol, then anyway ecoboost


AGENT                                        great engine, limited lag, great mileage


AGENT                                        however, Honda petrol are equally smooth engaging and frugal


AGENT                                        I also drive a petrol city Honda


VISITOR                                      what you think about auto Ecosport


VISITOR                                      since she is lady 50 years


AGENT                                        Two auto transmission I like are VW and Ford


AGENT                                        The transition is near seamless between gears, pick-up equally linear


VISITOR                                      the only issue i have is the acceleration


AGENT                                        honestly I did not experience it but maybe mine was a limited 25-30 km drive


VISITOR                                      so you feel auto should be no prob


AGENT                                        definitely not


VISITOR                                      it is 6 speed transmission but revs a lot


AGENT                                        for a female driver provided she is not a car enthusiast as most goans are


AGENT                                        now I know I am talking to a car geek


VISITOR                                      yes


VISITOR                                      27 years with Volvo and 10 years with Cadillac


AGENT                                        then you would know more than me, as my job is to answer more from a common car driver’s point of view


VISITOR                                      but still finding difficulty to make the choice


AGENT                                        you are not going to be driving it, and from your wife's perspective, it’s a good car'


VISITOR                                      but i will take your advice and go for Ecosport auto


VISITOR                                      regarding the GLA i will test drive and make the decision


AGENT                                        have we spoken earlier about a year or so back


VISITOR                                      in fact i was hoping to find one year old


VISITOR                                      what is your name sir


AGENT                                        I am


AGENT                                        I chat under my own name


VISITOR                                      i don’t remember


VISITOR                                      do you remember any conversation


AGENT                                        maybe, Cadillac and Volvo sounds familiar


VISITOR                                      possible


VISITOR                                      i am based in Saudi


AGENT                                        then we have spoken


VISITOR                                      great


VISITOR                                      for my wife its time to  buy her car


VISITOR                                      she has swift


AGENT                                        ok


VISITOR                                      so i will go Ecosport automatic


AGENT                                        My feelings is that ingress and egress will be more easier in Ecosport than WRV


VISITOR                                      regarding my car i am looking to find something one year old GLA


VISITOR                                      mainly it is auto transmission


VISITOR                                      if Honda had auto i would definitely consider WRV


AGENT                                        yes there the Honda CVT is not so good as compared to Ford auto


AGENT                                        yes I agree, but then as mentioned above personally speaking CVT does not excite me


VISITOR                                      thank you so much for your time


AGENT                                        pleasure

Ecosport, December 9 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Maruti Suzuki Ignis when is the launch any idea


AGENT                                                        Most likely mid Jan 2017, else in March


VISITOR                                                      has bookings started


AGENT                                                        not yet


VISITOR                                                      suv with agt under 10 lakhs which ones u suggest


AGENT                                                        Petrol


VISITOR                                                      yes


AGENT                                                        Then I will go with Eco boost Ecosport, if it falls in your budget or  petrol top-end


VISITOR                                                      which is this - Ford


AGENT                                                        yes Ford petrol with 1 litre turbo charged engine


VISITOR                                                      what’s the on road price


VISITOR                                                      AGT


AGENT                                                        I will have to request you to please check the same on our portal, you will get an approx. idea


VISITOR                                                      ok I will

Ecosport, November 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                    bit confused with Ecosport


VISITOR                                                    should i buy or not


VISITOR                                                    ??


AGENT                                                      what is the confusion


VISITOR                                                    cabin space


VISITOR                                                    and heard that its clutch is very hard...


VISITOR                                                    and also gear shifting is a bit hard compared to other cars


AGENT                                                      I haven’t felt it for 2 years now


AGENT                                                      Did you test drive the car


AGENT                                                      in terms of cabin space yes rear seat is good for 2, three is a crowd


VISITOR                                                    yes


VISITOR                                                    and there is a bit wobbling in clutch


VISITOR                                                    one of my friends just purchased new Ecosport


VISITOR                                                    company people say it’s very normal


AGENT                                                      no wobbling, however when clutch is pressed down completely I believe you can feel the other of steering where it's joint to the assembly which turns the wheel


AGENT                                                      end of steering


VISITOR                                                    yes


VISITOR                                                    but how is your overall experience


AGENT                                                      but that does not take away the fun of driving it


AGENT                                                      it's a great city drive thanks to its lighter steering which turns effortlessly and makes parking so easy


VISITOR                                                    ok


VISITOR                                                    you drive diesel or petrol


AGENT                                                      diesel


VISITOR                                                    what average it gives ?


AGENT                                                      15 in city with AC, and ard 17 on highway


VISITOR                                                    ok


VISITOR                                                    how long u own this car


VISITOR                                                    are there any maintenance issues


VISITOR                                                    as ford cars are heavy on maintenance


AGENT                                                      2 years, no issues, maintenance is just hyped too much


VISITOR                                                    OK, Thanks for helping me out

Ecosport, October 25 2016.

AGENT                                                        Morning             


VISITOR                                                      good morning 


VISITOR                                                      i have planned to buy ford Ecosport     


AGENT                                                        Good choice I must say               


VISITOR                                                      i need suggestion          


AGENT                                                        fortunately on our site there has been exhaustive discussion on the same, let me send you the link                                                             


VISITOR                                                      please


VISITOR                                                      send    


VISITOR                                                      but i m confused in which variant i should go   


AGENT                                                        ok then that's a separate discussion     


AGENT                                                        what is your confusion


VISITOR                                                      in which variant i should go ambient or trend  


VISITOR                                                      because in trend abs system is there   


AGENT                                                        my input in such cases is normally to go with one that suits your budget            


AGENT                                                        All of a sudden ABS seems to be becoming a big differentiator               


AGENT                                                        I don't know how many of us really understand the same          


VISITOR                                                      okay but if in future abs system will require then i think i should go with gtrend            


VISITOR                                                      and abs system is a very good feature 


AGENT                                                        ABS is a brake assist system that helps in braking under panic situation or on sudden bt=raking or when on water or gravel at speed


AGENT                                                        yes it’s a good safety feature and one should have it, but then that should not be the only consideration                                         


VISITOR                                                      okay    


AGENT                                                        Personally speaking, ambient being the starting variant, it normally does not have many features and going forward particularly during resale, that could pose a problem   


AGENT                                                        I normally recommend going as high as possible (Budget allowing)  in terms of variant and in future most cars buyers would liek to buy feature loaded cars at great resale price              


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/model/should-i-buy-ford-Ecosport.aspx


AGENT                                                        article on Ecosport a good read i hope 


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-advice/comparisons/which-suv-is-better-between-creta-Ecosport-duster-and-terrano.aspx


AGENT                                                        comparative article - good pros and cons articulation with some consumer chat             


VISITOR                                                      Thanks a lot 

Ecosport, September 14 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Afternoon     


VISITOR                                                              hello           


VISITOR                                                              sir i want to ask genuine price in Moradabad of Ecosport    


AGENT                                                                What do you mean by genuine price            


VISITOR                                                              means on road        


VISITOR                                                              and what is the procedure of purchase by EMI  which formalities would have to follow by me                                                                             


AGENT                                                                http              //www.ecardlr.com/on-road-car-price-moradabad/Ecosport-1.5-ti-vct-mt-ambiente-petrol-metallic.aspx


AGENT                                                                This link gives you an approximate price for on road in your city  you can change variant name to get its approx. on road price in Moradabad         


AGENT                                                                For finance - you will have to show that you are an income tax payee or atleast have filed some returns in last 2-3 years                 


AGENT                                                                Your bank statement, address proof, pan card, and income proof  


AGENT                                                                If you are a govt employee, then look for a loan with SBI or any other PSU bank, you will get better rates                                                     


AGENT                                                                Ideally you should not have a prob in getting loan if you are a govt employee         


AGENT                                                                I would also suggest that you must look at car loan from your employee only as many of them have god options                                          


VISITOR                                                              i m the employ in food corporation of India  but time period  of my job only 2 month could i take benefit of all the scheme               


AGENT                                                                Is this your first job               


VISITOR                                                              yes  sir        


AGENT                                                                Then whilst you might get govt employees schemes from the company, however for loan purpose you might have to take a co-applicant ( he/she could be your father/mother if they have a income tax returns0 


VISITOR                                                              sir please explain in easy language               


AGENT                                                                As you will not be having a tax return record, you will have to take some support from a family member who can then become a co-applicant for the loan for your car.       


AGENT                                                                Also check from your local branch bank regarding loan formality specific to your case         


VISITOR                                                              alright sir   


VISITOR                                                              thanks for advise   


AGENT                                                                Pleasure     

Ecosport, August 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Ecosport service cost how expensive after 50000 km can anyone advise please       


AGENT                                                                hi it depends on individual maintenance and style of drive and roads         


AGENT                                                                however average service basis our experience is around 10-12k     


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks  


AGENT                                                                we do recommend you to verify the same from others too               


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                all the best friend 


VISITOR                                                              Thanks        


AGENT                                                                Happy and safe driving       


VISITOR                                                              Thanks and same to you my friend

Ecosport, July 17 2016.

VISITOR                                                                Hi


VISITOR                                                                Want to know the mileage for Ford Ecosport titanium automatic 


VISITOR                                                                And between Honda jazz and Ecosport which one do you think is best?    


AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon   


AGENT                                                                  you are asking for both automatic               


AGENT                                                                  correct      


AGENT                                                                  basis transmission I will go with Jazz coz my exp with CVT was better that Ford auto even though diff is marginal                                 


AGENT                                                                  however jazz is overpriced and also does not have the presence of Ecosport         


AGENT                                                                  for mileage request you to please visit model page on our site     


VISITOR                                                                Cool. Thanks          


AGENT                                                                  pleasure  


VISITOR                                                                How about service experience. I am from Bangalore. Any idea whose service is better?   


AGENT                                                                  I have an old city, my exp with Honda not good, they fleece           


AGENT                                                                  Ford currently is focusing on retaining customers through service,  therefore should improve exp and cost                                                     


VISITOR                                                                Great. Guess price and service clearly drives my decision towards Ecosport.           


VISITOR                                                                Based on http         //www.ecardlr.com/new-cars/Ford-Ecosport-1.5-ti-vct-at-titanium-petrol.aspx it says mileage is 15.8 but i heard from a friend who has petrol MT it is 10-9 . What to believe?


AGENT                                                                  this is mostly based on feedback from customers we interact and in most cases we have seen that they are in the ball park of 30% lower than specified ARAI MILEAGE        


AGENT                                                                  petrol.mt not AT lots of diff            


VISITOR                                                                Sorry. Didn't get your last statement.         


AGENT                                                                  mileage is diff for Manual and auto transmission 


AGENT                                                                  I checking ARAI of Ecosport             


AGENT                                                                  hold           


AGENT                                                                  ARAI given is 15.8, city is 11.7, highway 17               


AGENT                                                                  those are your figures       


AGENT                                                                  these are for automatic    


VISITOR                                                                what is ARAI means?         


AGENT                                                                  under test conditions        


VISITOR                                                                I did Ecosport automatic test-drive. Drive was good except that rear seats may not really fit 3 people. Any other suggestions in that range? I also did Honda city (pricey), verna (ok) and Ciaz (felt dragging on flyovers, speed breakers) and all had of course ground clearance issue on our roads hence tried Ecosport as it had all features and didn’t have the size of real SUV                                               


AGENT                                                                  I drive Ecosport yes rear seat not for 3       


AGENT                                                                  but it's a great car ti drive


AGENT                                                                  other option is Creta but exp, Brezza too practical, no pizzazz inside


VISITOR                                                                Thanks        

Ecosport, June 28 2016.

VISITOR                                                                  Hi, just went through the feedback           


VISITOR                                                                  Weak Areas of Ecosport  

                                                                                  Narrow driver view Mediocre cabin space Cluttered centre console   Ride and handling an issue Poor fit-finish & build quality         


AGENT                                                                    Driver view is thanks to thick A pillar but that hardly affects         


AGENT                                                                    Poor Fit and Finish - Never felt that in my car       


AGENT                                                                    Handling we discussed due to sway          


AGENT                                                                    Tighter suspension due to give sporty feel and it does feel sporty             


AGENT                                                                    Cluttered centre console - never felt       


VISITOR                                                                  ok             


VISITOR                                                                  Hope safety is not a concern..      


VISITOR                                                                  Like the build quality and all        


AGENT                                                                    My daughters always complaint about Ecosport doors being heavy = Better sheet metal


AGENT                                                                    Build quality has not been an issue with me for last 2 years          


AGENT                                                                    Only grey area as per me is a little bit of caution at high speed and lack of rear seat space                                                                                 


AGENT                                                                    top end has 6 airbags, abs, EBD etc            


VISITOR                                                                  due to it being tall and lesser wheel base it may topple in unfortunate event     


VISITOR                                                                  you mean              


AGENT                                                                    how many such stories have you heard   


VISITOR                                                                  One or two ...      


AGENT                                                                    that can happen with any car       


VISITOR                                                                  was just talking to a friend who is quite into cars               


VISITOR                                                                  he said less changes with a sedan              


VISITOR                                                                  like a city               


AGENT                                                                    bookish knowledge vs actual experience - I will give more weight to my personal 2 years exp - I am not trying to sell Ecosport here 


AGENT                                                                    just sharing my exp          


VISITOR                                                                  eco boost as expensive as diesel variant


VISITOR                                                                  so i guess diesel is better in that case      


AGENT                                                                    yes the city is a great drivers cars, it take corners very beautifully, vs Ecosport, I will be more confident of going into corners with city vs Ecosport at speed        


VISITOR                                                                  so city cvt vs Ecosport ... almost same maintenance          


VISITOR                                                                  only city being a petrol will hit on my pocket       


VISITOR                                                                  but again taking safety and driving pleasure city should be the 1st choice ??        


VISITOR                                                                  hope CVT as a technology is not a problem or you suggest a manual ??   


AGENT                                                                    CVT is really good of Honda, basis experience of my close friends wife, its possibly one of the best car she has experienced, but in city drive her mileage is pretty bad           


VISITOR                                                                  like a 12 km per lt              


VISITOR                                                                  how is Honda BRV petrol ??          


AGENT                                                                    over valued and avoidable, Honda's third failure               


VISITOR                                                                  hahaha thanks and have a nice day            

Ecosport Ecoboost, June 11 2016.

AGENT                                                                        Good Afternoon             


VISITOR                                                                      Good afternoon             


VISITOR                                                                      I want to buy Ecosport 1.0 liter petrol  


AGENT                                                                        The Ecoboost Engine correct    


VISITOR                                                                      Ya         


VISITOR                                                                      What is its actual mileage          


VISITOR                                                                      On road              


AGENT                                                                        Arai - 18.8 Kmpl - reduce this by 25%    


VISITOR                                                                      Is there minor difference between the company claimed and actual on road mileage or difference is major                                              


AGENT                                                                        Basis Autocar the city mileage for this car is around 12


AGENT                                                                        on Highway is around 17            


AGENT                                                                        However, I have heard car owners getting a good mileage of above 15 on this car          


AGENT                                                                        in city  


AGENT                                                                        They drive between Delhi and Gurgaon              


VISITOR                                                                      K           


VISITOR                                                                      Thanx  


AGENT                                                                        pleasure             

Model: Ecosport, December 4 2015

VISITOR                 i need the opinion on Ecosport


AGENT                 Okay!


AGENT                 No doubt Ecosport is one of the best SUVs in Indian market.  A city-friendly SUV having decent interiors and perfectly sized for urban roads.


VISITOR               How about safety?


AGENT                 For safety, it has 6 Airbags, ABS + EBD, Emergency assistance phone call, Emergency brake warning etc.


VISITOR               thanks.

Ecosport, May 10, 2016.

VISITOR                                                    I am planning to buy Ecosport .... Need prompt feedback about the car.               


AGENT                                                      What kind of feedback and which city   


VISITOR                                                    Coimbatore        


VISITOR                                                    Safety, comfort and style             


AGENT                                                      On Paper 6 airbags, ABS , heavy doors, makes you feel quite cocooned 


AGENT                                                      Rear Seat good for 2, thanks for tight suspension the ride is uncomfortable        


AGENT                                                      Style - Most visible car on road coz of numbers and real good looks, the car hasn't aged at all    


VISITOR                                                    mileage?             


VISITOR                                                    Diesel   


AGENT                                                      I get 15 in city with AC and ard 17 on highway with ac - real life usage    


VISITOR                                                    your opinion      


VISITOR                                                    which is good Diesel or petrol? 


AGENT                                                      I love the car, has been driving it for 18 months, the new version has more power close to 100 or maybe 100 Ps                                       


AGENT                                                      Depends on your monthly drive               


VISITOR                                                    i use daily 100Km             


AGENT                                                      I believe the 1 Litre Ecoboost is a great performer with good Mileage, Go for diesel       


VISITOR                                                    price has slashed 1.75 L now from previous         


AGENT                                                      makes it a good value buy, get the top end and enjoy    


VISITOR                                                    Thanks   


AGENT                                                      Have you test driven the car        

Comparison: Ecosport, March 30 2016.

VISITOR                                                      i want to purchase an SUV car


VISITOR                                                      and my budget is Rs 10 lakhs


VISITOR                                                      and it must be in petrol engine


VISITOR                                                      kindly suggest me which one is best for me....??????


AGENT                                                        any other consideration for this decision


AGENT                                                        and which city


VISITOR                                                      Dhanbad


VISITOR                                                      no not any other consideration


AGENT                                                        Ecosport is one decent petrol mini suv


VISITOR                                                      okay thanks


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  • Ford Eco sport petrol.. which is good..1000cc Eco boost or 1500cc

    Answer to this question is quite simple, it depends on whether you love to drive or be driven. If it's the former, then 1000cc Ecoboost Ecosport should be your choice or else the 1500cc Ecosport petrol. By the way we have heard of some great mileage figures of Ecoboost engine, do cross-check.

    Treat our inputs as indicative only and not a final decision.
    Sanjay Arora reply