Is my decision to buy Renault Duster 85 Ps RXL Diesel correct?

Buying a car is an expensive proposition, one therefore needs to do his/her homework quite exhaustively. Most indian car buyers normally concentrate on discounts and deals, its therefore heartening to meet a car buyer who goes beyond savings to basing his/her car buying decision on the car and its ability. May we get more of them.

I have booked Duster 85PS RXL diesel Variant, but there are lot of comments about 85PS, people saying it is not good for hilly area driving. 98% of my area is  plane road and no hills, but in case if I want to travel to Munnar or Kumaly(Both hilly place) , Duster 85PS is ok for travel? will there be any problem? if so what will be the problem I will be facing with this suv. Please advice. Is it worth to buy?. 

Is my decision to buy Renault Duster 85 Ps RXL Diesel correct?

What does it mean that the car is not good for hilly region? You need to get exact details. I am sure you would have traveled to hilly areas before and seen a lot of Maruti 800 and Omni running around and climbing hills easily, both these cars have peak power delivery of under 50 Ps and yet they work so well even when there are 5 passenger in the car.

Not good in hilly area could mean that the car does not have necessary power to go uphill, but then, I would be surprised, that a reputed car manufacturer, would have designed a car without testing its ability to take full complement of passenger and luggage on hilly terrain.

Another way of looking at a cars pulling power would be Power to Weight ratio (P/W), this translated in simple language, indicates a cars pulling power for every 1000 kg of weight and is derived by dividing the peak power of the car with its kerb weight (unladen weight).

Kerb weight for Duster 85 Ps RXL diesel is 1308 kgs and peak power is 85 Ps, means it has a power to weight  65 Ps, as against this, going by our 800 example, its P/W works out to 53 Ps. 

The same calculations can be done with Gross vehicle weight also , assuming 5 passenger of 70 kgs each + Luggage of 200 Kgs, the P/W = 85/1858 = 46 Ps and the same for Maruti 800 this will be P/W =46/1175 = 39 Ps.

Beyond mathematics, what it means, that a lower powered car would require more downshift of gears (Lower gears while going uphill), which in any case is recommended on a hilly terrain. A lower powered car will be always having some difficulty, in hilly areas, but it’s not, as if it will not climb hills unless we are being adventorous.

For city drives, normally one does not a real powerful car and these cars are also okay on any terrain. However, for those who love flooring the pedal, then a car with higher power and torque figures with great driveability is what one desires.

Is Renault Duster 85 Ps RXL diesel a good car – The answer is yes, its great value for money.

www.ecardlr.com always advice's a test drive and to base one's car buying decision basis one's need and requirement. Always treat our input as suggestions only and not a final decision.


Duster, August 10 2016.

VISITOR                                                                Hello


AGENT                                                                  Good afternoon


VISITOR                                                                Good afternoon


VISITOR                                                                Am looking for a Renault Duster rxl 85ps


AGENT                                                                  Ok


VISITOR                                                                How much is the on road price


AGENT                                                                  which city


VISITOR                                                                Kerala


AGENT                                                                  We will be able to give you an approximate on road prices as discounts and offers in your city will change the final outgo, just sending you the link, we need the city or should I send it for cochin


VISITOR                                                                Cochin


VISITOR                                                                2012, Renault Duster rxl 85ps, 98750 kilometres, can you suggest a good offer for this


AGENT                                                                  My apologies, we are not into used cars


AGENT                                                                  Plus a car that has done nearly 1 lakh Kms would ask for high servicing cost


AGENT                                                                  you might even have to look at some engine work


VISITOR                                                                Ok thank you


AGENT                                                                  pleasure

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  • Very informative. A little bit of more elaboration would have been greatly appreciated.

    Jemni tali reply