Q1: Should I buy the Brio or Should I not Buy the Brio?


Honda Brio Possibly suffered from wrong timing. Rising petrol prices and Floods in Thailand (Honda's main manufacturing plant for Brio). However, There just a lots of competition among cars under 5 lacs price and each one them equally competent if not more than the Brio.


Should I buy a Brio? Reviews are of no major help as it not a straight Black or White - Buy Brio or Do not Buy Brio. Help Please

Q1: Should I buy the Brio  or Should I not Buy the Brio?

Most reviews do tend to be mixed as its difficult to please all with one package. Almost every car buyer is like one's finger print. Unique!

They are all different as their needs from a car could be different. Coming back to your question- Should I buy a Brio Or Not? Let's treat them as 2 separate questions

Q1: Should I buy the Brio

A1: Buy the Brio for following reasons

Honda Fit and Finish - Still no match

The 1.2 Ltr engine with sub 1100 Kg kerb weight makes this a car pleasure to drive in the city

After Hyundai's Fluidic design - Brio epitomises Style. Possibly even more stylish than Hyundai cars

Dimensionally and visually whilst externally thecar looks small - the entire perception changes once you sit inside the car. It feels and is spacious.

Q1: Should I not buy the Brio

A1: Do not Buy the Brio for following reasons

Honda frequent service policy, one starts getting a call every 3 months.

Too much of Glass which may not be suitable for Indian Conditions

Almost 0 boot space - Therefore great for city drives minus luggage

Low Resale value all thanks to it being a petrol car - But this could change the moment Indian government changes its diesel policy


Brio, July 6 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hi  


VISITOR                                                              hello           


VISITOR                                                              hello


AGENT                                                                How can we assist you today            


VISITOR                                                              actually i want to buy Honda Brio   


AGENT                                                                OK, what would you like to know from us and which city are you from        


VISITOR                                                              i m from Kota and i want to know it is a successful hatchback?         


AGENT                                                                then avoid as thanks to large glass area      


VISITOR                                                              okay            


VISITOR                                                              is it comfort car      


AGENT                                                                yes it is       


AGENT                                                                as a matter of fact Brio petrol is a pretty good car to drive thanks to the 1.2 litre engine which for its weight makes the car a pleasure to drive     


VISITOR                                                              okay            


VISITOR                                                              what about diesel segment Brio?  


AGENT                                                                I do not like Honda diesel car so much         


VISITOR                                                              okay            


AGENT                                                                It's noisy, and has lots of diesel lag               


VISITOR                                                              okay            


VISITOR                                                              wats its mileage?  


AGENT                                                                May I request you to please visit Brio Model page it would have lots of details       


VISITOR                                                              okay thanks              


AGENT                                                                May I ask you a question    


VISITOR                                                              sure             


AGENT                                                                what did you search on google        


VISITOR                                                              about Brio 


AGENT                                                                About Brio - is this what you searched         


VISITOR                                                              just price list of Honda Brio               


AGENT                                                                ok thanks  


VISITOR                                                              yes               


VISITOR                                                              thank you much information            


Brio, July 4 2016.

AGENT                                                                Good Morning


VISITOR                                                              Good Morning


VISITOR                                                              Just want to know what will be the price for Brio in rural area?


AGENT                                                                you will have to name s city


VISITOR                                                              Pune


AGENT                                                                you can also get all prices ex showroom and approximate on road on our model page


AGENT                                                                select manufacturer, model on home page


AGENT                                                                then on model page select variant


AGENT                                                                then on road price


VISITOR                                                              ok


VISITOR                                                              thanks


AGENT                                                                pleasure


AGENT                                                                can I ask you a question


VISITOR                                                              yes


AGENT                                                                what string did you use to land on our site


AGENT                                                                that is question you googled


VISITOR                                                              Google


AGENT                                                                so what was your search


VISITOR                                                              Honda Brio automatic colours


AGENT                                                                Ok thanks


VISITOR                                                              you are Welcome 


VISITOR                                                              you are very kind to me...I Appreciate your help...


AGENT                                                                thanks