Dies Vs Petrol Confusion

Diesel or Petrol car which one is best for me, is best decided, by defining one's monthly running, car purchase on cash or on finance, as these factors will help us guide or suggest you the right car.

Monthly running 1200 km for next two and half years ....after that 200-300 per month with possibility of long duration of very less/no usage...should buy petrol or diesel sedan car?..how's ford classic petrol...my budget 6.5 to 6.8..also need to discuss best driving style to extract best mileage.

Dies Vs Petrol Confusion

Let's assume you have decided to buy the Ford Classic and lets evaluate cost of both petrol and diesel car of this model with both cars being driven 1200 Kms/Mth for next 30 mths

Petrol Cost Rs.74/litre, Diesel Cost Rs.48/Litre

ARAI Mileage for Classic Petrol is 14.1 Kmpl,  means monthly petrol expense of Rs. 6298

ARAI Mileage for Classic Diesel is 20 Kmpl,  means monthly petrol expense of Rs. 2880

Difference = Rs.3410 / Mth

If you drive petrol you pay Rs.102300 over 30 Months

Entry cost Diff between petrol and diesel is Rs.95400 (Fiesta Classic SXI) 

If you plan to buy the car in cash, get the diesel. If on finance, then petrol as the additional EMI you will have to pay for the 95000 price diff would be far higher. 

Post 30 mths its a clear cut case of petrol car at 300 Kms per month of average driving.

We have deliberately not discussed resale value because, whilst current market conditions is shouting for a diesel purchase, one does not know what would be the scenario 4-5  yrs down the road. That's the chance you would have to take.

Driving style- wow, it's so individual driven and we would end up giving you those oft repeated clichés.

Only input could be do not be in a hurry to downshift even on higher gears in lower speeds as most cars today are designed to give you a linear torque over a certain RPM band. And do switch off your car at the signal if you are going to be stationary for over 20 secs or so.

Do note that one should decide on one's car basis its need to oneself. Treat our suggestion as indicative only and not a final decision. Do test drive both cars before deciding on either one of them.