Is Maruti Suzuki Ciaz A Good Sub 10 lac Sedan

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz the Honda City challenger seems to have all the right features, looks and price, which makes it a very competent buy in India. Ciaz also enjoys Maruti heritage of being great value car and easier to maintain with good resale value. This Honda City challenger, surely would find enough car buyers in India queing for it.

I was planning to buy Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, can you as expert on cars help me firm up my decision or do you think I need to buy another car. If so please advice which car and why? 

Is Maruti Suzuki Ciaz A Good Sub 10 lac Sedan

Ciaz CNG Fitment, July 4 2016.



AGENT                                                                  Good Afternoon


VISITOR                                                                i am planning for maruti Ciaz diesel. is it underpowered with 1248 cc. will it be able to support the body weight ? How is the engine response in city traffic?


AGENT                                                                  As far as 1248 cc issue is concerned, my only answer would be that I am sure Maruti would have done necessary testing on the same


AGENT                                                                  one can only look at Power to weight ratios to come to our own conclusion in comparison to other similar cars


VISITOR                                                                that is quite standard.


VISITOR                                                                ok. so what’s your opinion


VISITOR                                                                will there be diesel lag


AGENT                                                                  I would be unhappy, as I will really not get the driving pleasure with full load


VISITOR                                                                are you trying to say that will full load i will have to pull the car with more accelration.


VISITOR                                                                normally the car will carry two people.


AGENT                                                                  on acceleration front you can only go so much, you might have to down shift


AGENT                                                                  let me check its performance rating and some other figures, please hold


AGENT                                                                  do you have another car in your mind as a comparison might help


VISITOR                                                                right now  am driving an esteem with cng. Will the performance be worse than that


VISITOR                                                                by down shift you mean i have to change gears frequently


VISITOR                                                                thought of amaze but then in one more lakh i am getting bigger and better loaded car


AGENT                                                                  I hope not, and I believe that it should be far better than that


AGENT                                                                  yes downshift = gear change


AGENT                                                                  and a barren car


VISITOR                                                                so what your opinion


VISITOR                                                                amaze diesel or Ciaz diesel


AGENT                                                                  in all honesty we are not racers, we all drive our cars sensibly, therefore with 2 passengers , Ciaz should not be a problem, plus one hasn't heard of any such issues


AGENT                                                                  Any day Ciaz diesel because of lower noise and much less diesel turbo lag


VISITOR                                                                i am 48 and drives very relaxed. occasionally or in emergency i really drive it fast or on highway i like to cross 100


AGENT                                                                  we all have taken our Maruti 800 on Highways and never faced in taking to 100, so what should Ciaz have any problem


AGENT                                                                  when you asked this question initially, I thought that you were looking for a more powerful car


AGENT                                                                  Ciaz diesel is a 1.3 correct 1248 cc if I am not wrong


VISITOR                                                                no my apprehension is power to weight.


VISITOR                                                                will the lag be so much as to be frustrating


AGENT                                                                  No not frustrating as you put it, but Amaze has even more pronounced Lag


AGENT                                                                  my experience on long test drive really irked me a lot with Amaze


AGENT                                                                  will that be all


AGENT                                                                  I have a request to make


VISITOR                                                                YES PL.


VISITOR                                                                SO YOU SAY I SHOULD GO WITH CIAZ WITHOUT ANY DOUBT.


AGENT                                                                  I would think so, have you test driven the car


VISITOR                                                                YES. I DID AND PLANNING TO Have another test drive today.


AGENT                                                                  Get some more people in the car


VISITOR                                                                earlier i did the test drive with 5 people out which 4 were 90+ weight


AGENT                                                                  so you are ahead of me


VISITOR                                                                and i didn’t feel anything specific. May be i was too happy to drive a Ciaz and dint notice the things i should have.


AGENT                                                                  next time get the car in 3rd gear, bring the rpm down to 13-1400 and then try pulling it, around 17-1800 you might feel a pick up on power


AGENT                                                                  do not floor the pedal too much do it teh way you normally drive


VISITOR                                                                ok. That’s what i was looking for. How to test the power or lag? Thanks. You were quite helpful and understanding.


AGENT                                                                  pleasure, can you please tell me the query you used in google


VISITOR                                                                how to talk to auto experts


AGENT                                                                  another way to test the power is try to pull the car from stand still in 2nd and 3 rd gear,


AGENT                                                                  for testing power linearity, reduce speed to 20 and then go all the way to 80, you will get lots of inputs


AGENT                                                                  I do these things normally


AGENT                                                                  this help in understanding the power delivery linearity


VISITOR                                                                have you tried in Ciaz. if yes your opinion and experience


AGENT                                                                  yes but it was way back, i did feel the lag, not as bad as a Honda diesel


AGENT                                                                  best diesel cars with near zero lag are Ford and Vento


VISITOR                                                                can you try with new shvs engine and advise me


VISITOR                                                                so no Honda diesel.


AGENT                                                                  I can do that and we can talk on Wednesday


AGENT                                                                  No Honda diesel


VISITOR                                                                or if i try Honda petrol with cng


AGENT                                                                  personally speaking I am against cylinder in my car, but If I not wrong you are driving one


VISITOR                                                                yes. majboori hai. Economics


VISITOR                                                                actually i also do not want a cylinder now but can’t afford daily running with petrol. 50-60 km


AGENT                                                                  any petrol car with CNG will have power drop issue as you might be experiencing currently


AGENT                                                                  I also hope you are not from Delhi


VISITOR                                                                i am


VISITOR                                                                drive down daily from dwarka to cp


AGENT                                                                  then registering a CNG with aftermarket fitment is not allowed


VISITOR                                                                ok. i think then it is more or less settled


VISITOR                                                                Ciaz diesel


VISITOR                                                                will it be exempted from odd even


AGENT                                                                  And Ciaz does not come with factory fittend CNG


AGENT                                                                  ODD Even  is not happening, no diesel is not exempt from that


VISITOR                                                                dealers assure of cng fitment and registration


VISITOR                                                                Ciaz has shvs


VISITOR                                                                and i am told shvs is exempt in odd even


AGENT                                                                  I am not aware, will have to check


AGENT                                                                  I can only guess that it could because Maruti could have registered as Hybrid, but i could be totally wrong


VISITOR                                                                pl confirm


AGENT                                                                  as i said i will have to get back, maybe on Wednesday post test drive


VISITOR                                                                how do i connect with you.


AGENT                                                                  here only on chat post 10.30 am


VISITOR                                                                can you give me the link. Today i connected randomly.


AGENT                                                                  don’t worry, we will try to get your answers


AGENT                                                                  send me your mail id we can write back


VISITOR                                                                s*******@y****.com


VISITOR                                                                Thanks


Ciaz, January 28 2017.

VISITOR                                  CIAZ VDI Plus 


VISITOR                                  Rates for Kharghar Navi Mumbai. Online Price


AGENT                                    Good Afternoon          


VISITOR                                  Good Afternoon          


AGENT                                    I will have to request you to please go on onroad  price for your car and get an approximate value for the same, Chose just browsing so that we do not disturb you             


VISITOR                                  On road Price 


VISITOR                                  Have to know for VDI Plus       


VISITOR                                  Hope you could help me           


VISITOR                                  Planning to make full payment.             


AGENT                                    http    //www.ecardlr.com/on-road-car-price-navi-mumbai/Ciaz-vdi-plus-shvs-metallic.aspx


AGENT                                    this gives you approximate price in Navi Mumbai, plus you will have to add 1% of exshowroom as Green Cess                          


AGENT                                    as mentioned its approximate value   


VISITOR                                  Thanks its shown as 9.55lacs   


VISITOR                                  on road price after discount or further will get discount             


AGENT                                    Maruti has increased prices yesterday, dealer will take that from you, plus our price does not include handling charges, + Insurance value taken by us is with some discounts therefore we say, its approximate  value, current RTO norms could also impact pricing. check all that, use our price as ball park figure         


VISITOR                                  How much price is increased yesterday             


VISITOR                                  just for information    


AGENT                                    as per news- from 1500 to 8104 diff for diff models      


VISITOR                                  Ok but 9.55lacs includes insurance charges       


AGENT                                    yes but it has inbuilt discounts               


VISITOR                                  in short i should get CIAZ VDI Plus @9.55lacs and some 20k extra for other charges is it?             


AGENT                                    can't say - check at dealership


VISITOR                                  Online we should at least know the prices available with  dealer in Navi Mumbai           


AGENT                                    Whilst many website do give you those details, but being from the industry we always believe in giving an approximate value as discounts and offers do skew the price, plus we are in the process of adding some elements to our price module, these being 1% Green Cess for diesel cars and 1% Tax for cars above 10 lacs + handling charges. IN your case assuming The price goes up by 7000 thene xshowroom becomes 9.35 lacas + Ins+ Green Cess 9350+ Handling charges 7500, this math should give you fair price. You can also visit carwale.com for further details might not be a bad idea                                                 


VISITOR                                  yes.. thanks  by the way.. have a wonderful day ahead 

Ciaz, November 14 2016.

VISITOR                                                      Hi          


VISITOR                                                      I am booking Ciaz today              


VISITOR                                                      I have 2 questions         


AGENT                                                        Good Morning 


AGENT                                                        Please go ahead             


VISITOR                                                      Should i go with manual or automatic?               


AGENT                                                        If you are mentally prepared to pay the extra for auto transmission then it makes sense on 2 counts - 1) Growing traffic hassles 2) My belief is that in next 5 years even used car market will start demanding more Automatic transmission                                           


VISITOR                                                      thank you for your answer        


VISITOR                                                      this will help me            


AGENT                                                        pleasure            


VISITOR                                                      which colour is another question           


VISITOR                                                      which is very imp to my family


AGENT                                                        unfortunately colour is subjective choice, however from easy maintenance and safety Point of view - white followed by Silver, popularity wise - it’s their chocolate colour that you see more often on the road. If you are from crowded and dusty Mumbai or Delhi kind of cities go for lighter colour      


VISITOR                                                      how about        


VISITOR                                                      sangria red       


VISITOR                                                      or metallic clear beige


AGENT                                                        yes that also looks nice on the car, between two I will go for red           


VISITOR                                                      what about between brown or sangria red?     


AGENT                                                        Sorry - just had a look at the colours, I will change it to Metallic clear beige, that's what you see on the roads                                                  


AGENT                                                        also looked at Pearl metallic - I am confused, check it out in real life'   


AGENT                                                        http      //www.ecardlr.com/car-colours/Maruti-suzuki-Ciaz-colours.aspx


AGENT                                                        Link for colours, but do check in real life at showroom


AGENT                                                        I think its dignity brown that you see more often, but as mentioned earlier, confused


VISITOR                                                      np         


VISITOR                                                      thank you          


VISITOR                                                      Is there high maintenance for automatic transmission?              


AGENT                                                        Except transmission, rest of the car and components are same, so personally speaking till you get some work on Transmission, I do not expect the diff, but then once you are at the showroom, have a look at the maintenance schedule for both manual and Auto car and get the idea from dealer service team. In any case Maruti Car sale frugal when it comes to servicing                                             


VISITOR                                                      ok         


AGENT                                                        Hope you have got your answers           


VISITOR                                                      Ya.. Thanks a lot

Ciaz, September 27 2016.

AGENT                                                              hello how can we help          


VISITOR                                                            i want to know about Maruti Ciaz review     


AGENT                                                              what about Ciaz friend. what is your concern             


VISITOR                                                            how the feedback   


VISITOR                                                            mileage comfort, safety       


AGENT                                                              which variant are you evaluating     


VISITOR                                                            zxi  


AGENT                                                              ok...Ciaz is doing fairly good and has become highest selling model in the category               


AGENT                                                              ranks well on mileage and comfort....highest leg room in the category...Maruti peace of mind                                                                           


VISITOR                                                            if we compare with Honda  


AGENT                                                              Honda has more refined drive and little more premium feel however higher maintenance


AGENT                                                              both have long lasting engines         


AGENT                                                              safety we will give Honda slight edge            


VISITOR                                                            service cost and maintenance           


VISITOR                                                            maintenance             


AGENT                                                              Ciaz scores better    


AGENT                                                              on servicing and resale         


VISITOR                                                            features       


VISITOR                                                            zxi cost is 10 lac        


VISITOR                                                            on road approx         


VISITOR                                                            under 10 lac Honda and Ciaz which one is better in features               


AGENT                                                              similar feature ....with small difference here and there but more or less at par         


VISITOR                                                            k      


AGENT                                                              hope you are finding this interaction useful               


VISITOR                                                            hmm             


VISITOR                                                            yes  thanks


Ciaz, July 24 2016.

AGENT                                                                how can we help   


VISITOR                                                              I’m planning to buy a Ciaz but I’m confused in which should i buy.


AGENT                                                                ok 


VISITOR                                                              I’m staying in Visakhapatnam now but i will be retired in 2 years after which i might settle in Tamilnadu. Should i purchase @Vizag or at TN?     


VISITOR                                                              I don’t want the hassle of register and re-register 


AGENT                                                                TN will be better as you need to manage for two years and you can easily show your employment till such time                       


AGENT                                                                while currently norms are not very strict but they will become tougher eventually               


AGENT                                                                while this is currently rarely implemented carry letter from employer        


AGENT                                                                this is not a big focus from traffic authorities currently        


VISITOR                                                              will i require an NOC?         


AGENT                                                                in case of re registration yes            


AGENT                                                                else if you are using TN registered in Vizag for two years then no  


VISITOR                                                              how much would re-registration cost me?


AGENT                                                                you will just need to furnish six months deputation letter from your employer which you can renew after six months as precaution 


AGENT                                                                Noc cost at Vizag plus registration cost at TN            


AGENT                                                                it's not cost which will trouble you but hassle of obtaining NOC     


VISITOR                                                              also suggest between Ciaz and Verna          


VISITOR                                                              planning for petrol, monthly use of jus about 1000kms       


AGENT                                                                or better in case you find it alright... but second hand car currently and buy new once you retire unless you want to take loan then while in employment you should take new car   


AGENT                                                                what are your top 3-4 requirement while comparing. Accordingly we can guide     


VISITOR                                                              Mileage, low maintenance costs, good multimedia, parking assists              


AGENT                                                                go with Maruti Ciaz...multimedia and parking assist if not available in your selected variant can always be fitted                                    


VISITOR                                                              also suggest a way to get rid of my old car 


VISITOR                                                              m800 ,2002 model, Jharkhand registered currently in use @Vizag. 


AGENT                                                                not much that you will get.  best is to scrap the car from authorised dealer or junk yard      


VISITOR                                                              the Maruti dealership isn’t ready to accept a diff registered car      


AGENT                                                                not much cost difference you will get          


VISITOR                                                              car in pristine condition, just done 25,000kms, tires and battery replaced  


AGENT                                                                Hmmm.. can understand    


VISITOR                                                              don’t wish to scrap               


AGENT                                                                then give it to someone known who will take care of it in next few years  


AGENT                                                                do understand emotional attachment too 


VISITOR                                                              that sounds good. 


AGENT                                                                hope you are finding this interaction useful             


AGENT                                                                how did you come to know of us    


VISITOR                                                              is it okay to put my brand new car through a 1000kms drive from tn to Vizag?          


AGENT                                                                absolutely


AGENT                                                                no issues..Just drive safe ??               


VISITOR                                                              is there any time limit to leave a state after registration?  


AGENT                                                                no...Some toll hazards till temp registration             


AGENT                                                                with proper registered number no hassle  


AGENT                                                                and insurance and your id 


VISITOR                                                              how long does it take for a permit registration?     


VISITOR                                                              what would be the best time to buy a Ciaz?              


AGENT                                                                depends...Maruti dealer gives immediately mostly              


AGENT                                                                December when they give schemes since year is changing can get slightly better schemes while even now decent deals are available             


VISITOR                                                              Diwali or December?           


AGENT                                                                your RC should come in 2-3 weeks


AGENT                                                                December if we have to chose        


AGENT                                                                since you will be retiring in few years we do recommend automatic model in case budget not a concern..it will really make you drive easy           


VISITOR                                                              thanks a lot. this conversation definitely gave me a clear mind       


AGENT                                                                most welcome ...happy to help      


Ciaz, Feb 18 2016.

VISITOR                                    Going to buy Maruti suzuki Ciaz


AGENT                                      okay


VISITOR                                    How is the car?  Is it worth?


AGENT                                      Yes, The car has clean styling. What are your basic expectations from a car?


VISITOR                                    Space, mileage and low maintenance. That's all


AGENT                                      Okay.. Ciaz is good then, among the longest and widest sedans from its class, Ciaz has spacious cabin with lots of practical features. Rear legroom is particularly impressive. You'll be feeling like literally a room inside the car.


AGENT                                      which fuel type you're going to buy?


VISITOR                                    Nice


VISITOR                                    Petrol


AGENT                                      petrol version gives 20.73 kmpl mileage which is quite enough for a sedan having loads of features itself.


VISITOR                                    Thanks a lot.


VISITOR                                    How about city driving?


AGENT                                      City driving is good. You’ll feel soft, compliant ride quality. Suspension is specially tuned for comfort, has big 510 liter boot space.


VISITOR                                    Oh Thank


VISITOR                                    I'll take a test drive then

Ciaz Bluetooth, Dec 28 2015.

VISITOR                                                        I have Maruti Suzuki CIAZ VXI+


AGENT                                                           Okay!


VISITOR                                                        and while trying for Bluetooth connectivity


VISITOR                                                        its asking for a pairing code.. How can i get that code and how can i pair?


VISITOR                                                        if possible please share simple steps to do it ,,, i am using Huawei Honor 6


AGENT                                                           If Bluetooth asks for a code, that will already be on your phone.


AGENT                                                          Okay let me check.


VISITOR                                                        no it is not there on phone.. While connecting its asking for the code and i have no idea how to get that


AGENT                                                           for Nokia: 0000, Sony and Motorola: 1234, others: 1111 or 12345. try these codes


VISITOR                                                        thanks a lot :)