Is Ertiga VDI a good buy?


How can you find fault with Indian car buyers current favourite The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga without being crucified. How can one be the sane voice. It's difficult, in light of current frenzy for the Ertiga and more importantly when the price value proposition so ridiculously in favour of the car.


Looking forward to buy Ertiga VDI please help to inform me positive & negative things of this LUV thanks

Is Ertiga VDI a good buy?

Marketing works, else how could explain the use of ‘LUV’ by you in your query, And this probably in my opinion could be the only negative for Ertiga.

Ertiga’s great value pricing is the key reason for Ertiga to have caught the fancy of Indian car buyer which immediately saw great value in it and lapped it up in droves (the frenzy is /was similar to Mahindra XUV 500- which had followed this penetrative pricing strategy). Ertiga’s value proposition got a further boost as the only comparable worthwhile competitor Toyota Innova is priced so high that it’s not funny.

Big space thanks to its long wheel base, favourable Power /Weight ratio  (all thanks to Ertiga’s Low Kerb weight of sub 1100 Kg) makes even the small 1.3 Ltrs Ertiga engine quite  efficiently even when compared to Toyota Innova’s big over 2 Ltrs power plant.

Long waiting period could only be the current obvious negative. But this could also be a boon, as Indian car market will be flooded with at least 4-5 options of similarly priced compact SUV and MPV’s in next 2-3 months. These are: Chevrolet Enjoy (MPV), Mahindra  Mini Xylo, Ford Eco Sport and Renault Duster (Compact SUV’s). Most of them are expected to hit the car market no later than the great Indian festive season.

The only other long terms negative could be that Ertiga becomes a Tour and Travel operator car (which took Toyota Qualis down from its peak performance). One of Maruti’s stated  objective with Ertiga was to target and get a share of Tour and Travel operator segment. A segment which as per Maruti is 14% of India market and they did not have any presence in it pre Ertiga. As and when this happens and numbers start ballooning, that’s when the problem starts for personal users of Ertiga . Over commercial use, makes every other cop on road stop such vehicles frequently, which could be a bother for personal car users. But as I said earlier, this could take some time before it happens and in all probability, you would by then have moved on to another car having enjoyed Ertiga’s great price value proposition.