New Amaze from Honda, Should I Join the Booking Que?

The queues at Honda showroom are only getting longer. No wonder, since 11th April. there's a perpetual grin pasted on every Honda dealers executives and senior members of the sales team. Every one is dreaming of a fatter bank balance soon. However, we at Ecardlr would advice caution and a wait-an-watch approach.  In any case there is a long queue already and you have already missed the bus.

Is Buying Honda Amaze the Right Choice?

New Amaze from Honda, Should I Join the Booking Que?

Questions like these need a comparative frame work. What do you mean when you say "is buying Honda Amaze a right choice?". Right choice against which other car or right choice in terms of money you want to spend. You see, we need a point for reference against which we have to measure your question. However, let me try to give you some pointers that might help.

If you always wanted a Honda car like many of us do and are envious of those driving a Honda car and to top it your pocket cannot be dug deeper than 7 lakhs (all options of financing included) then yes, go ahead and buy it. After all Amaze does come with Honda logo.

If you want to drive a diesel car with Honda logo, then Amaze is your only option among Honda's range of cars in India.

If you are looking for compact city car with lots of space inside it then too the answer is yes.

If you looking for hopefully (as I am yet to drive it) a better driving car then too Honda Amaze should do the trick for you.

If you are looking for a Honda car that feel great inside, I suggest you settle for Brio and not Amaze.

If you are looking for a Honda car whose inside plastic feel and grains are top class, then too it has to be a Brio and not Amaze.

If you looking for those cushioned seats with great back rest, please avoid the Amaze and yes settle for Brio.

If you think that the 400 litres boot space is big, please have a look at it in Amaze and then decide, I wonder how has Honda measured Amaze's boot capacity, it looks small.

All-in-all I will buy the Amaze just because I want a Honda, rest does not matter, yes then Amaze fits the bill, only then, else you can spend your 7 lakhs more wisely on some other car.


Amaze, March 23 2016.

VISITOR                                                      can i go for amaze diesel S model?


AGENT                                                        with your monthly drive, you must avoid diesel power plant


VISITOR                                                      my friend want to chat with you


VISITOR                                                      he is insisting to buy diesel car even though monthly running is less


AGENT                                                        yes your friend can talk to me


VISITOR                                                      thanks


VISITOR                                                      sir just wait for a while


VISITOR                                                      he is on mobile call


AGENT                                                        ok


VISITOR                                                      i think petrol model is 1200 cc ?


VISITOR                                                      isn’t


AGENT                                                        ok


AGENT                                                        IF you are coming from the context of underperformance, then you are right


AGENT                                                        however, amaze diesel is too noisy (Comparatively) plus has a pretty good diesel lag, plus diesel cars are at least 20-25% more expensive to maintain


VISITOR                                                      we had a test drive


VISITOR                                                      i do agree that its slight noisy


VISITOR                                                      i hope 1L km could go fine


AGENT                                                        So if you remember, I did indicate that one should take our inputs as suggestions, however, decision to buy a particular car or power plant should be based on your needs from a car or your liking