Should I buy Indica ev2 diesel

For most car buyers in India diesel vs petrol is the current dilemma. Since everyone is buying a diesel car and almost every other news on cars is about diesel car purchase. However, diesel car may not be the right car even new car buyer in India if their average monthly running is low. For a car buyer with a monthly running of 100 Kms diesel car definitely is a no-no.

I want to purchase TATA Indica ev2. I am salaried so my monthly running is about 100 KM per month that is very low, but i m interested in diesel car. most of time my car will be in parking area. In a week, one or two times car will run. Should I buy a deisel  Indica ev2 ? 

Should I buy Indica ev2 diesel

With a monthly running of just 100 Kms a diesel car is an expensive proposition. If you want to stay with the Tata Motors cars, then you do have an option with Indica Xeta this will help you lower your entry cost by at least Rs. 50000.

Indica Xeta will offer you all the features and big space that Indica ev2 Diesel will offer. A comparable variant of the two cars will also give you similar features. Therefore our suggestion would be look at Indica Xeta and not the Indica Ev2 diesel car.

Yes diesel cars are in demand today, plus it’s easier to sell a diesel car today vs petrol car from any car manufacturer or any car model, as of today. However, in your case that does not help you since you are in the market to buy a new car. If one was to take into consideration a 4 year average frequency of change then you will come back to the market not before 2016/2017 at the earliest. A lot can change in next 4 years in terms of fuel pricing. If by any chance diesel pricing becomes equal to or comes closer to petrol prices in 2017, then selling a diesel car in a market, which has largely being a petrol car market could become difficult.

Our suggestion to you would be to look at petrol car with a CNG fitment from a reliable source. Ideally buy a car that comes with OEM (Manufacturer) fitted CNG kit like; Maruti, Hyundai or even Tata Motors (If they have this option). This will save you on running cost, plus protect you from future prices changes in fuel as we expect over time most car buyers shifting to a Petrol + Gas driven vehicles. This way your resale may not get affected badly.


Tata Indica, April 19 2017.

VISITOR                                        I have a Tata Indica xeta petrol model car   


VISITOR                                        Is is good to convert my car with cng kit?     


AGENT                                          Its a fact that all petrol cars can get a CNG fitment, but personally speaking i normally do not advice such a change     


AGENT                                          Xeta is a pretty old car - if I knowledge serves me right         


VISITOR                                        yes xeta is old model and mileage is very poor         


AGENT                                          check in the market, I believe you can fit a in-line CNG kit which could be around 30-40000 on the outside             


AGENT                                          avoid the costly sequential kit          


AGENT                                          not required for Xeta           


VISITOR                                        conventional kit cost RS 25000 (Indian company kit)               


VISITOR                                        is it good?  


AGENT                                          I honestly don't know much about CNG kit, but Indicated cost seems ok     


AGENT                                          do get the rear suspension of the car checked         


AGENT                                          being an old car, you might need some suspension and shock-up work        


VISITOR                                        Ok thanks for your advice