Detailing Honda City CNG

Honda City has been new car buyers favourite car in India for so many years. Being a petrol only car model, it sales have taken a dip, which Honda hopes to revive through a CNG variant of the City. 

1) What is the FE of HONDA New city CNG in city & on Highway? 2) What is the ground clearance of the above car with 5 passengers and 1 CNG tank? 3) Is it possible to buy the new city cng enabled and fit in offmarket with cng with all warranties in tact?

Detailing Honda City CNG

The answers to your queries are

1) Honda CNG should deliver an on-road real life mileage of 12-13 Km/Kg. However, there are no official figures for the same. Dealers give a figure of 15 to 16 which is close to City's ARAI petrol Mileage of 15.8 KMPL.

2) Ground clearance of any car is basis its gross weight (Car weight+ Full complement of passengers). Ground Clearance for City is 165 mm, additional weight of CNG and Gas should impact this negatively. One does not have any official figure. However, City on its own has a problem of bottom scrapping thanks to its low Ground Clearance

3) Any external fitment would void warranty. As a matter of fact, one should avoid it completely, even though one could save a minimum of Rs.15000 by fitting the CNG kit from aftermarket. But we believe our life is far more precious.

Model: Honda New City, February 1 2016

VISITOR                                      i want to buy a  HONDA city ...


VISITOR                                      CAN you HELP ME which model i have to select?


AGENT                                        just let me know whether you're going to buy petrol version or diesel.


VISITOR                                      How to get a good price like & where to buy??


VISITOR                                      please suggest that P/D ?


AGENT                                        How much kms you drive in a month?


VISITOR                                      YES LESS THAN 3000 KM


VISITOR                                      MOST PROBABLY 1000 -2000 KM BY average


AGENT                                        Go with Diesel then.


AGENT                                        Will get good mileage.


VISITOR                                      hmm  one more thing


VISITOR                                      i may not drive regularly


AGENT                                        Okay! But when you drive, you drive exhaustively.


VISITOR                                      means 10 15 day may vehicle get   ideal..


AGENT                                        But you drive a lot. no matter you drive once or twice in a week.


AGENT                                        if you're monthly kms (avg) would be around 1000 kms, I’d definitely suggest you to buy petrol.


VISITOR                                      yes correct


VISITOR                                      someone told me in diesel version there is an starting problem if i m not drive regularly...


VISITOR                                      thank a lot


AGENT                                        Basically that is cold start problem, we often hear about about this in winters.


VISITOR                                      hmm


VISITOR                                      Please suggest me which model i have to buy or best & affordable price ??


AGENT                                        What is your budget?


VISITOR                                      10 - 12 ok


AGENT                                        V MT diesel. More features like advanced integrated audio with 12.7 cm (5") screen, 4 tweeters, rear parking camera, alloy wheels, front fog lamps and electrically Foldable ORVM with Turn Indicator,.


VISITOR                                      what about vx(o)


AGENT                                        Petrol or diesel?


VISITOR                                      petrol


AGENT                                        Nice, could be a great pick


VISITOR                                      v/vx??


AGENT                                        VX (O) is a higher end variant than VX and V, means loaded with more features in comparison with other two.


VISITOR                                      ohh i see


AGENT                                        Obviously going with VX (O) is worthy.


VISITOR                                      then done


AGENT                                        Great! All the best for your new vehicle. Please do test drive of the vehicle before arriving at a decision for finding out which car suits best.


VISITOR                                      so that the dealer cannot cheat whit me...


VISITOR                                      which feature i have to check on time of delivery...


VISITOR                                      thanks a lot for your help


AGENT                                        in case you're going to buy VX(O) then check you car should be equipped with advanced Integrated 15.7 cm (6.2”) Touch Screen (AVN,) Hands Free Telephone, CD Player with DVD Playback and On Board Navigation system.


AGENT                                        these are some features which differentiate VX(O) from VX and V


VISITOR                                      ok ok


VISITOR                                      Thanks a lot


Model: Honda New City, January 12 2016

VISITOR                 i need suggestion for buying a car this is my first car and i don’t have much idea about cars so i need some expert advice on this


AGENT                  That is why we're here. Please share your concern.


VISITOR                 my requirement is mainly for weekend driving and rare City use. ABS and dual airbags, power windows, central lock and child safety


VISITOR                budget is on road 9L


AGENT                  Okay!


VISITOR                i thought of new Ford Figo


VISITOR                but got reviews like acceleration issue and plastics not up to Ford and some braking issue. So thought of Honda Amaze but people saying it has clutch worn out issue and suggestion me instead i can go Honda City petrol basic model latest which has 2 airbags. So confused which one to buy


AGENT                  you're more into buying a sedan right now


VISITOR                yes. Because i need some space in back cabin


VISITOR                 and i am think of Baleno as well if i go for hatch back


AGENT                  Let’s talk about fuel version first. You don’t drive a lot, average 20-30 kms a day which translates to 600-900 kms monthly average so additional investment on diesel model over petrol will take much longer to recover. . So, buy a petrol version.


AGENT                  apart from this, Honda City (Petrol) is a good choice


VISITOR                i use it for weekends long drive purpose. Sorry forget to tell this before. So weekend trips may go 600 - 800KMS


AGENT                  Honda's petrol engines are well-known internationally. Has fast and punchy petrol engine. In terms of its features, it is loaded with equipment (sunroof, feather-touch climate control, keyless entry and go, rear air-con, reversing camera),and has extremely spacious cabin.


VISITOR                So approx as you told monthly may come 1000 - 1500KM


AGENT                  still buying petrol petrol would be worthy.


VISITOR                ok that’s fine


VISITOR                so Honda City base model i think Honda City S will be fine


VISITOR                 does this has ABS and air bags


AGENT                   yes,


VISITOR                spec is good man thanks


VISITOR                how about ground clearance


AGENT                   165mm which is quite enough for roads with pot holes. You won’t feel bumpiness.


VISITOR                ok other vehicles having 170mm does this 5mm matters?


AGENT                  Not really.


VISITOR                are the clutch issue in Honda Amaze and acceleration issue in Ford new Figo really considerable issue?


AGENT                  in Honda Amaze case, yes but in diesel. Reportedly, clutch plate needs to be replaced, after 7.5K kms.


AGENT                  this problems occurs with most of the people.


VISITOR                oh ok ok


VISITOR                How about new Figo ?


VISITOR                is it fine or is there really any issue?


AGENT                  Actually i haven't faced this kind of problem yet but heard that the car gives a little jerk after clutch release, so it loses peppiness and needs to be accelerated tad high while cornering.


VISITOR                oh ok sir thanks a lot


VISITOR                last 2 questions


AGENT                  yes sure!


VISITOR                for hill driving petrol is better or diesel is better?


VISITOR                and which one has high re sell value?


AGENT                  Petrol engines are more durable than diesel and no noise problem. So, resale value of petrol will be good and petrol engine feels nice and smooth, light and easy to drive on roads. Power output is generally good. So it makes the ride smooth even when driving on hilly roads, but not good for rugged drive because torque is less, hence pulling power is less, so don't expect high performance.


VISITOR                ok thanks I’ll check it


VISITOR                thanks for your valuable advice on this


AGENT                   Our pleasure sir.


Model: Honda New City, December 19 2015

VISITOR                               i am confused.


VISITOR                              which model should i go with?


AGENT                                which one you've selected?


VISITOR                              Honda City vx mt and cvt


VISITOR                              manual or automatic


AGENT                               see future belongs to automatics given most cities are getting crowded and there are long jams and stop and go traffic on daily commute. If we compare automatic with manual, i would say AT comes with comfortable ride suspension.  However, there's a big price difference too. cvt in Honda is one of the finest and smooth drive with very little difference in mileage from manual


VISITOR                              no issue with price


VISITOR                              will it deliver ride quality and soft drive in City or highway


VISITOR                              what will average i expect?


AGENT                                opt for an easy-to-drive AT version.


AGENT                                AT is more efficient than the manual variant, which returns 17.8kmpl, compared to the CVT’s 17.9kmpl.


VISITOR                              how is maintenance for automatic


VISITOR                              in your opinion which car should i go with?


AGENT                                Maintenance cost would be same; only the repair cost of Gear box would be higher, if once it gets damaged.


AGENT                                if you drive often on City roads, buying AT is convenient and responds well. However, it’s only when you need sudden acceleration. In cvt one does not get to know gear shifts unlike manual which one feels thrust of change of gears. Just for starters keep your left leg completely disengaged...away from clutch area as initially while getting used to we accidently press break with left leg.


AGENT                                The AT box is definitely smoother and quicker than manual. It’s easy to live with and efficient too.


VISITOR                              i used to drive in City on highway 2/3 times in year


AGENT                                AT is good then.


VISITOR                              is there any problems cvt transmission


AGENT                                Yes but only the problem of lack of response. For automatic transmissions, you might notice that when shifting into drive or park that there is a delay before you feel the gear engage. But Honda said, in New CVT engine, the initial hesitation of a typical dual-clutch has been sorted, with the use of a torque converter, which results in prompt acceleration from the word go.


AGENT                                so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.


VISITOR                              thanks sir,


AGENT                                Our pleasure!


VISITOR                              i hope i should final cvt Honda City finally without worry


AGENT                                yes, do exhaustive test drive of both the transmissions before arriving at any decision.


VISITOR                               i have drive both but still there was confusion some


AGENT                                Okay! Let’s make it simpler to you.

                                              Smooth drive:                    AT

                                              Mileage:                                               AT

                                              Easy shifting Gears:          AT

                                              Maintenance cost:            Equal (Manual and Automatic)

                                              Cost:                                        Manual price is less

                                              Features                :                               Equal


AGENT                                 hope this would help you out.


VISITOR                              yeah. Little confused.


AGENT                                Feel free to discuss the points of confusion.


VISITOR                              i am on confuse pick up n drive


AGENT                               okay, In terms of pick up, manual transmission is faster in comparison to AT, However, ride quality of an AT car is quite smoother.


VISITOR                              Thanks a lot sir.


Model: Honda New City, December 18 2015

VISITOR                                        hI. i select Honda City petrol i need good suspension,


VISITOR                                        I want to know about the engine performance and how much mileage come City and highway


AGENT                                           1.5L i-VTEC petrol engine.


AGENT                                           has 5 speed gearbox Manual transmissions which allow front wheels to draw high Torque output from this engine. Honda claims that City has adequate capability to be able to return the peak value of mileage which comes down to 18 kmpl. Impressive drive for the Indian roads.


AGENT                                           The total displacement of petrol engine car provides 1497cc and is a 4 cylinder engine that runs it. The engine produces 117.3 BHP at 6600 rpm and Torque of 145 Nm at 4600 rpm.


AGENT                                           in short, Honda City has fast and convenient petrol engine and segment-topping ARAI fuel efficiency ratings. (17.8 kmpl ARAI certified)


VISITOR                                        I’m using very low km so this is best for me cost is no problem, how is maintenance


VISITOR                                        how is car steel quality


AGENT                                           maintenance cost of Honda is higher than Maruti and Hyundai.


AGENT                                           We cannot say how actually the maintenance cost would be as it varies from model to model.


VISITOR                                        services at 10000km and 20000 km once


VISITOR                                        approximately how much amount came 20000,40000,60000 km


VISITOR                                        City and highway mileage?


AGENT                                           compared to other European cars, City has light build quality.


VISITOR                                        i use 120 to 140 km how much mileage come,r60 to 80 km speed how much km give


AGENT                                           City has 17.8 kmpl ARAI certified mileage, which could drop to 12-13 kmpl on City roads while driving (40-60 kmph)


VISITOR                                        which one is best for this segment  i need good look, suspension, above 15 mileage ride quality, build quality, good breaking, and engine performance


AGENT                                           what is your budget?


VISITOR                                        maintain speed 120 to 140 how much will come on high way


VISITOR                                        below 1200000


AGENT                                           Okay! Petrol or Diesel?


VISITOR                                        very less usage so petrol , because now im using diesel swift 4 year completed just 35000 km


VISITOR                                        yearly near by 10000 km only


AGENT                                           Hyundai Verna, VW Vento, Maruti CIaz


AGENT                                           Have you checked out these cars yet?


VISITOR                                        ya but how is suspension


AGENT                                           among these three, Honda City would be a good choice.


AGENT                                           Powerful engine and Honda City petrol maintenance cost is lower than Hyundai Verna's maintenance cost.


VISITOR                                        how much maintenance petrol Honda City 40000,60000, km running time


VISITOR                                        how is breaking and safety


AGENT                                           Rs. 6000 – 8000 (40,000 kms)


VISITOR                                        diesel car came vibration so i plan to change City petrol


VISITOR                                        when come face lift City i plan to buy 2018 march


AGENT                                           City has quite good breaking, has disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear which makes the car reliable under tough road conditions in India.


AGENT                                           Yes, Diesel engine will start making noise after 1,00,000 - 150,000 kms


AGENT                                           City's petrol engine is impressive,


VISITOR                                        how much km run without engine work on petrol City well maintained condition


AGENT                                           Compared to diesel engines, petrol engines are more durable and reliable. Long engine life.


VISITOR                                        my friend told very poor mileage on City and resale is very poor


AGENT                                           Let me tell you, no car is going to be perfect in all sense, we have to decide as per our priorities.


VISITOR                                        165 ground clearance is good for Indian roads, drive big speed break under body damage are not


AGENT                                           yes, 165 Ground clearance is good enough for the Indian roads, well designed, you won't feel bumpiness.


VISITOR                                        your suggestion City petrol is good for me


AGENT                                           Yes, But still I’ll say, do test drive both the versions to arrive at a decision for finding out which car suits best to your needs,


VISITOR                                        i have more confused now little clear that


VISITOR                                        i drive City after my swift i more like to drive that


VISITOR                                        how is Ciaz all are equal  to City


AGENT                                           City is lil better in terms of space, driving and performance. However, Ciaz has more features


VISITOR                                        sedan best petrol car is City?


AGENT                                           within 12 lakhs, i would suggest you to have a look over Honda City.


VISITOR                                        so don’t compare and confuse to other car ok


AGENT                                           Yup! But do test drive Honda City


VISITOR                                        already i done it


AGENT                                           Okay!


AGENT                                           All he best for your new vehicle.




AGENT                                           our pleasure sir! 

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  • Tx.Your reply does not help to know any thing more.Forget what the dealers say. Based on what "Maruti" claims for Sx4 petrol can we say cng milage should be at least 150% of petrol milage?
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  • Based on SX4 Green can we estimate the anticipaed FE for city? Similarly about the car performance of city?
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  • 150% of Petrol mileage is a pipe dream. CNG at best would be at best 2-3 Kms more than petrol
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