Etios Sequentual CNG should I get it done from the after market

Tech or parts or items not fitted by OEM normally are not there for soem reasons. One should therefore be quite cautios while making dramatic changes to a car like fitting a CNG kit from after market.

I am planning to install sequential cng in ETIOS VSP. Pl advise (1) How much luggaage space will be left over ? (2) Wll there be any ground clearance issue because of the extra weight? (3) Though warranties will be void, is it a matter of concern ? (4) what mileage can I expect in city & on highways?

Etios Sequentual CNG should I get it done from the after market

Good that you have decided to install sequential CNG kit in your car, that's the right decision. Personally though, we would always recommend a OEM fitted CNG rather than after market fitment. Plus if the OEM is not suggesting a CNG fitment, then it means that the car is not prepared to take the extra load. Coming to your specific queries

How much luggage Space will be left?

Whilst we do not have specific loss in cubic luggage space, a 12 Kg CNG cylinder is bound to take lots of space. But with Etios having a boot space of 595 Litres, CNG will affect, but will still leave sufficient room to carry some luggage.

Impact on Ground Clearance

Etios comes with 170 mm of ground clearance, with CNG cylinder and full complement of 5 passenger, whilst the car will not sit on the ground but will be pressed enough for it to be running close to the road surface. Speed breakers could become an issue for sure.


If is not a must and your monthly drive is not crossing 1000 Kms, then avoid CNG. I would rather go for a diesel Etios, because of

a) Better Mileage

b) Better resale value

c) Warranty intact

Warranty really covers some very costly parts, clutch plate being an example. CNG engine head also gets damaged faster than petrol and diesel. Diesel even though costly initially, but with CNG fitment and insurance cost the gap between Diesel and CNG narros down quite dramatically.


CNG mileage are very similar to petrol mileage, almost equal in most cases.

All in all take an informed decision, meet some CNG experts and cross refer it with a service in-charge at Toyota, then decide. Do take our inputs as suggestion only and not a final decision.


Etios, June 8 2016.

VISITOR                                                              hi  


VISITOR                                                              I own a Toyota Etios g exclusive 2014 model car      


VISITOR                                                              Can I know the resale value of the same if possible? Do you have idea?     


AGENT                                                                We are not in used car business, however, one can try to find the same and send you a mail                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              oh ok thank you     


AGENT                                                                so you need to give me some more details               


VISITOR                                                              ok sure       


AGENT                                                                Etios G xclusive, what were the additional features              


AGENT                                                                KMs done  


AGENT                                                                Kms Done 


AGENT                                                                Any accidental history         


AGENT                                                                Service record         


AGENT                                                                colour         


VISITOR                                                              Additional features where chrome grill in three smileys, chrome grill at tail lamps, Bluetooth                                                                             


VISITOR                                                              And I have added fog lamps, seat covers, rear parking sensor not camera, rear speakers (infinity)                                                           


AGENT                                                                which city 


VISITOR                                                              Cochin, Kerala         


AGENT                                                                I will be able to provide only ball park figures basis Delhi  


VISITOR                                                              26000 km about 2 years       


VISITOR                                                              ok that should be fine         


AGENT                                                                Why do you want to sell it so soon


VISITOR                                                              No accident and all services done at Toyota center only     


VISITOR                                                              I am thinking of switching to diesel that’s  


AGENT                                                                I would urge you to avoid that         


VISITOR                                                              hmmmmm why      


VISITOR                                                              1 year 10 months and 26000 kms on avg I am running 1200 km           (


AGENT                                                                Most state judiciary are coming down heavily on diesel cars            


VISITOR                                                              oh ok           


AGENT                                                                this has reduced resale value of the same 


AGENT                                                                Plus in the long run, I believe diesel and petrol will have only marginal cost diff    


VISITOR                                                              In my area 10rs difference 


AGENT                                                                yes diesel does give you more average, but then it costs more also              


VISITOR                                                              okay            


VISITOR                                                              1000-1200km per month is my use 


VISITOR                                                              maximum 1300 minimum 800 on average 1200        


AGENT                                                                Do this maths          


VISITOR                                                              So petrol okay with that?   


AGENT                                                                Add EMI diff to maintenance cost (20% avg more than petrol)         


VISITOR                                                              hmmmmm               


AGENT                                                                then subtract the price diff between diesel an petrol          


VISITOR                                                              ok thanks  


AGENT                                                                assuming a 15 Kmpl for petrol and 17 for diesel      


VISITOR                                                              I am getting 14km on average mixed both in city and highway in monthly basis      


AGENT                                                                if the equation is +ve then diesel , else petrol, do not forget the number of years you want to keep the car                                                    


AGENT                                                                above figures are only an example               


VISITOR                                                              ok I want to retain more 5+ years because its Toyota right 


AGENT                                                                use ARAI figures for the car you want to buy Vs ETIOS that you have             


AGENT                                                                Etios Gives you 14 overall mean at 1200 Kms/month you use 86 litres of fuel            


AGENT                                                                what's petrol price in Cochin            


VISITOR                                                              68  


AGENT                                                                That means you spend - 5848/month           


VISITOR                                                              No. Actually I have a money calculator and I am spending some 4800-5000 for petrol monthly. But earlier when the car was bought it ran longer 


AGENT                                                                forget everything else lets focus on current situation          


VISITOR                                                              ok sure       


AGENT                                                                so you move to a new diesel car     


AGENT                                                                which one are you looking at           


AGENT                                                                Just give me one name or should we say Etios G diesel       


AGENT                                                                Price diff ex showroom in Delhi Etios G diesel and petrol is 1.13 lacs            


AGENT                                                                are you there          


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              sorry            


AGENT                                                                This means that your additional EMI for a 5 year term will be around 2500 


VISITOR                                                              So with your calculation diesel fits for me 


AGENT                                                                No I am not finished            


VISITOR                                                              ok 


AGENT                                                                diesel ARAI is 23 lest assume you get 21     


VISITOR                                                              ya 


AGENT                                                                diesel price in Cochin          


VISITOR                                                              58 approx  


VISITOR                                                              57.xx           


AGENT                                                                So you use 57 litres of diesel total cost bend 3249  


AGENT                                                                Less 5848 for petrol = 2500 


AGENT                                                                sorry 2599 


VISITOR                                                              exactly       


AGENT                                                                no see, you pay additional EMI of 2500, your fuel diff is 2599 in favour of diesle     


AGENT                                                                sab the two and you save 99 by going for diesel per month               


VISITOR                                                              oh 


AGENT                                                                add extra 20% on maintenance cost then diesel does not make sense         


AGENT                                                                to top all this you have a car that you love looking at the additional features in it  


AGENT                                                                that will get discounted heavily     


AGENT                                                                so why change now              


VISITOR                                                              hmmmmm               


AGENT                                                                I rest my case you decide, hope it helps     


VISITOR                                                              Let it run for some couple of years


AGENT                                                                I believe so, but it's your decision 


VISITOR                                                              And if it is utilising too high then I will only go for diesel and currently no such heavy run past 6 months                                                          


VISITOR                                                              Thank you 


AGENT                                                                my job is limited to giving you a direction, most car owners do not do the maths and simply shift                                                                    


VISITOR                                                                     )


VISITOR                                                              Thanks again            


AGENT                                                                PLEASURE   

Model: Etios, January 20 2016

VISITOR                          I want to know the best tyres suitable for Etios v petrol version


AGENT                            tyre brand or tyre size?


VISITOR                          I would like to know both


VISITOR                          Currently I am using default tyres


AGENT                            Size  175/65 R14 Goodyear tyres suits best to Etios.


VISITOR                          But default car tyres size is 180 60 r15


VISITOR                          Will it be ok?


AGENT                            you can upgrade to 14 inchers with change of rims to 14 inches as well. will suit the best for a balance between comfort and grip. you can opt 180/60 R15 tyres too (Default)


VISITOR                          Thank you


AGENT                            Our pleasure!