Ertiga Diesel, Should I buy It?

Ertiga is everyone's favourite, however, very few would evaluate and take a right decision. Herd mentality or comfort in numbers seems to be everyone's preferred way of buying a new car. Very few people, pause and then decide.

I am in the market to buy a new car, tried the new Ertiga diesel, but felt as if the car has no power. I was quite keen on it, now I have my doubts. What's your opinion?

Ertiga Diesel, Should I buy It?


Ertiga thanks to its pricing has generated a huge interest in it. Plus thanks to cabin space, it became a viable option for sedan buyers. This in turn opened a huge market for this new MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle).

Most diesel cars typically have a turbo lag issue. In simple english, this means, diesels do show a lag in terms of power delivery, which most of us term is as lack of power. Another characteristics, typical to diesel power plant is the ‘Kick’ or power push one gets when the turbo kicks in. This is typically post the needle on the tacho/rpm reader crosses the 1500 Rpm mark. Most cars at 1500 Rpm would be driving between 45 to 55 Kmph speed, which in city’s stop and go traffic would be difficult to achieve.

If you have been a petrol car user till date, the power lag would be even more obvious as petrol plants deliver power right from the word go, therefore it’s easier to pull a petrol car from any spend in any gear. It’s not so with a diesel.

In order to decide on a diesel car, ideally one should check out diesel options within one’s budget and go for the one that delivers on at least 75% fo our requirement from a car.

You could evaluate the Nissan Sunny, Skoda Rapid also before deciding on your new car.


Ertiga, June 11 2016.

VISITOR                                                              Hello           


AGENT                                                                Good Morning         


VISITOR                                                              I got confused between Ertiga SHVS VDI or ZDI+ version     


VISITOR                                                              in Gurgaon


VISITOR                                                              please suggest which one to buy   


VISITOR                                                              price difference is around 1.1 Lakhs              


AGENT                                                                there should be no confusion          


AGENT                                                                as they are variants of the same car'             


AGENT                                                                with feature and price diff


AGENT                                                                so you have to now understand whether the features offered for 1,1 lakh more in zdi over vdi justifies that cost                                          


AGENT                                                                this will be basis your need for those additional features  


AGENT                                                                lets discuss them   


VISITOR                                                              yes               


VISITOR                                                              additional features               


VISITOR                                                              real defogger+ wiper + push start stop button + alloy wheels + touch + reverse camera display music system                                                 


VISITOR                                                              that’s it      


VISITOR                                                              music system is good with apple car play assist       


AGENT                                                                Rear Defogger and wiper required and good safety features particularly during winters     


AGENT                                                                reverse camera with display takes some getting used to but required         


AGENT                                                                Push button is a great convenience feature believe me I am using in one of my car and the other does not have it and I feel the diff today      


AGENT                                                                You say Music system is good with apple connect  


AGENT                                                                check the cost for these in retail market add 30% to it and if the cost comes close to 1.1 go for ZDi                                                                      


AGENT                                                                this is maths            


VISITOR                                                              if i get it installed from outside then might be it effect insurance  


VISITOR                                                              as they call it modification


AGENT                                                                personally speaking - I will always buy top-end for two reason - One to indulge myself and second for better resale                            


AGENT                                                                it will affect warranty for sure         


AGENT                                                                so avoid     


AGENT                                                                Insurance is no problem     


AGENT                                                                you can buy extra insurance _ i believe there should be such an option just liek you have for CNG kit                                                              


VISITOR                                                              ok 


VISITOR                                                              hmm           


VISITOR                                                              thanks for your input           


AGENT                                                                Pleasure, have you test driven the car         


AGENT                                                                do not such big ticket modifications from retail market  - please    


VISITOR                                                              yes               


AGENT                                                                good, right way to go about it          


VISITOR                                                              yes i too not believe in modification            


AGENT                                                                anything else          


VISITOR                                                              that’s it      


VISITOR                                                              thanks a lot              


AGENT                                                                pleasure, have a great day

Model: Ertiga, January 25 2016

VISITOR                                  want to purchase new Maruti Ertiga, which colour should I go and which colour best suits in Ertiga


VISITOR                                 I am confused in grey and silver colours?


AGENT                                    no doubt silver and gray both reflects technology, silver seems new edge design of the latest luxury sport vehicles.


AGENT                                    on the other side, silver relates to feelings of superiority and great mental powers as per people beliefs.


AGENT                                    But, if you feel like to go with more chromatic colors, Gray could be a good option then. Both colors are easy to maintain and look premium.


VISITOR                                 In Ertiga granite grey colour comes.. Is it that it is just like black? And not the grey exactly?i  am very much confused......


AGENT                                    No granite gray isn't black (or looks like black). Somehow i find granite gray is an intensive color compared to others.


VISITOR                                 the grey colour coming in Ciaz is the same ? What is difference between glyceterine grey and granite grey ?big confusion?


AGENT                                    These are just different shades of grey. Granite shade add a professional, sophisticated look to most of the cars, however, color of a car is a personal choice.


AGENT                                    Granite grey is one if the most darkest shade of grey, little blackish you can say.


VISITOR                                 Good nice suggestion, last feeling to share. I am so much confused, because had previously Alto with pearl silver colour. Now want to go for Ertiga due to joint family with parents and accommodate local city drives only. My madam also drives the car, and Ertiga being a big car am confused which colour will suit ladies most, As white in eritga is believed by children the taxi colour not prominent for mummy to drive, silver will be suitable or granite grey for ladies much is a confusion now, looking to interiors and local drives....


VISITOR                                 Grey have seen in Ciaz and like that the most, but that is glecterine grey, and are doubtful with granite grey color option available in Ertiga....? Will that colour suit ladies driving being a bold colour of young generation or its wrong belief? It will despite of darkness, as suits with the interiors and exteriors as per your view and thinking...Agree its personal but want to know your choice and present trend now a days to go for...


VISITOR                                 or should opt with silky silver..??


AGENT                                     you should get a close look at the granite grey color first, from the ladies driving perspective, grey is a popular choice though, scratches and dust cannot be seen easily and seems and tough as well. the only drawback i see right now is it blends in so well with most roads surface, so there are some chances of getting unseen by drivers on road. But Granite Grey is completely a natural color and sticking to neutral colors such as silver, white, black and gray can be safest option.


VISITOR                                 Means you are of the opinion to go by Granite grey option instead of silky silver. It will be a good deal to have this color as per today's trend. And to be driven by me or by my wife. Am I right or you want to add some more of your comments ?


AGENT                                    well, let me tell you, personal views can be dangerous as we ‘all have own choices we like...both the colors are capable and trendy.... still, personally based on your criteria I’m little inclined towards granite grey. Silky silver isn't a bad choice at all


VISITOR                                 ok, thank you very much for your valuable suggestions....Myself and children initially also liked and overruled silver, but but....now feel bit relaxed on getting suggestion.....Thanks once again and agree it’s a bit personal choice but suggestions and reviews help in deciding...As I rarely see Granite Grey color in market here, Ertiga..


AGENT                                    you don't have to worry. You’re going to have a nice pick for not being merely a rare color, but it also shows decency.


VISITOR                                  Thank you very much.....