XUV 500 W8 Vs XUV 500 W6, which car should I buy?

Comparing two variants of the same model is quite a difficult decision as the difference just boils down to some features, since both cars being the same model have similar specifications. Final decision in such cases simply boils down to one's desire to stretch oneself financially.

I am confused between XUV 500 W6 Vs XUV 500 W8? Which One should I buy?

XUV 500 W8 Vs XUV 500 W6, which car should I buy?


The price different between Mahindra XUV 500 W6 and XUV 500 W8 is Rs.1.50 lacs (Ex-showroom Delhi prices). As both cars are different variants of the same model Mahindra XUV 500, we need to evaluate and make our choice basis the additional features being offered by XUV 500 W8 over XUV 500 W6 and their use to us. This need to be done as the specifications of the two cars is the same being the same model.

What XUV 500 W8 offers extra over XUV 500 W6 at a macro level are basically 4 big tickets benefits, these are: Leather Upholstery (additional cost around Rs.25000 to 40000 extra), side and curtain airbags (whilst these features are priceless but for our understanding lets cost them around additional 20,000), DVD instead of stereo system (replacement cost in exchange of old existing system Rs.10,000) and Alloy Wheels (replacement cost Rs.10,000). So in effect, what you are getting additional is worth Rs. 85000 to 1 lacs of additional features.

I am sure basis this analysis, you can decide which one you would like to go. From our perspective, if you feel that the additional features are important, then please go for the XUV 500 W8 as getting them fitted from a third party might void your manufacturer warranty, which we urge you not to take any risks.


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  • I drive xuv w6 variant and i want to replace the infotainment system with w8 (coloured touch screen) Tell me the replacement cost.

    Harsh vardhan singh reply