Low Maintenance and High Mileage Cars up to 5 lacs

Whenever you have a budget, the first step is to define our requirement, create shortlist of cars in your budget and then narrow it down basis further fine tuning of your requirement and test drives. Nothing beats this approach.

In the budget of Rs.5 lac which car is best in mileage & low maintenance?

Low Maintenance and High Mileage Cars up to 5 lacs

Maintenance figures are not absolute and are also not verified. One therefore goes by perceptions. Maruti and Hyundai cars are supposedly cheaper to maintain, whereas Ford and Skoda cars are costlier to maintain. But then as stated earlier these are perceptions minus hard data.

We will take 5 lacs as ex-showroom price and give you recommendations basis mileage of top 5 cars along with their variants. These are:

Alto and all its variants of CNG top the chart

WagonR CNG

Estilio Edge

Indica ev2

Beat Ps Diesel

Indigo Ecs

All these are arranged in high to low mileage basis.