Can I Upgrade and Change Colour of my Previously Booked Car?

Cars once booked and allotted to a consumer becomes very difficult to change. Once a car is allotted, its gets locked in terms of its chassis and VIN number. Therefore any change after this entails lots of hassles which dealers do not entertain

I have booked Tata Manza Aura new Safire BSiv. Initially i was interested in Siena Gold but now want to go for Dew White. Dealer is telling the reduction in discount offered. I would like to know Who decided the discount wheteher Dealer or Company? In my opinion the discount must be same in all colours.Also he is telling the non availability of dew white with manufacturer. Please reply.

Can I Upgrade and Change Colour of my Previously Booked Car?

Discounts are offered by the company, however, the dealer also has to share a part of the same out of his Dealer margin. Plus most dealers do offer over and above the company agreed discount to close a sale, in such case he can change the discount, ideally he should not.

Discounts vary month on month, i.e discounts for Jan 2012 will definitely be lower than Dec 2011. So if you have booked a car in Dec 2011 with the then prevailing discounts and had not paid the full amount to the dealer either on your own or at least the entire down payment in case of financed car then the dealer can change his mind, however, if you had done everything then the dealer cannot change the discount.

However, in your case, there is a catch, that is, you want to change your car colour also. This normally would not have been a problem in any other months but can become a problem in DEC to JAN , as the colour you are asking for might be coming only in 2012 production for which the discounts are  normally quite low. But if the dealer is giving you a 2011 car in teh new colour you are asking for then he cannot change the discount. This means that discounts are not colour dependent.